Lucky Me!!  

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10/11/2005 11:42 am

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Lucky Me!!

So, on Friday last, we go out with our good buddy Christi for a beverage and to see if we can get into any mischief. For some stupid reason, ALL the bars were PACKED, but we finally found a few seats at the Irish Times pub on Government. There we were, in a small alcove in the back, and I am surrounded by babes. No kidding, the other people sitting all around are all stunningly gorgeous women, and being British, I naturally say hello to all the people around me in a pub. Pretty soon, I am deep in conversation with a very fit couple of ladies, having a wonderful time untill they finish their drinks. That's when they sweetly tell me that since I came in with two babes, they are going of to cruise for an available bloke or two.

It took all of a minute and a half before those two lovelies are replaced by two more. They sit down, introduce themselves, and become fast friends. They seem very intrigued by Misha and I, and some of our past history as performers, and ask for our number. They especially want to be invited to any of the fetish shows we do this winter. They stayed for a couple of drinks, but also left to try and get into some sort of trouble with un-occupied guys. Of course, Misha doesn't mind sharing, and told them so, and she does like cute girls, but they said that just one guy and four girls wasn't going to make it for them.

I guess what just amazes me is not that I was getting really lucky, but that in all that time, probably two hours, none of these babes or the other 7 or 8 who came and went around us, ever got approached by a guy. There were plenty walking around and gawking, lots of tables of 3 to 5 males, but none of them seemed interested in meeting a sweet lady.

How lame is THAT?

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