Happy New Year!  

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1/7/2006 2:38 pm

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Happy New Year!

Yep, it was quite a blow-out! We went to an enormous house party in Burnababy....about 65 or 70 people, most from the swinger scene on the mainland. Our hosts knew most of them somehow, and a lot had come from up in the valley. The dress code was formal,( jacket and tie minimum ) untill at least midnight, when more minimum clothing was acceptable. Great for us, since we are usually over-drssed for almost everything.

We got started around 8pm with people arriving with platters of food and crates of drink. That kept on happenning for the next 3 hours, by which time all ice-chests over-flowed, and every table and counter was groaning with the weight of victuals. A total bachanalia in short.

Three cases of champagne at Midnight. I grabbed a bottle and dragged Misha of to the "play room" to have fun in the sling. It wasn't long before we drew a crowd - it seems none of these fine folks had even thought of putting the bloke in the swing, and making the lady do all the work.

( Over the course of the evening, we managed to use the sling in just about every way possible.)

So many exciting, sexy people we met! The only problem was we kept on running into all sorts of folks in spare rooms, hallways, couches having boring straight sex. We even had to go back to the sling and play for an extra hour while we waited for a crowd to finish up in the bedroom. Finally, we got to bed about 4:30, having enjoyed ourselves and many new friends and not over-consumed on anything. Clear head in the morning!

Sorry, no pictures of this adventure, we must guard the identities of the guilty parties after all

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