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11/6/2005 2:31 pm

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Damn! I have just been working too hard. You know what that means, don't you? Makes poor Johnny a dull boy!

We finally got to go out last night for a little fun though. A nice sexy and relaxing dinner with one of Madamme's girl friends, then a while spent dancing with the live band at Swan's.

Madamme charmed a very intelligent and extremely wealthy fellow for a while. I flirted with the college girls, and the music was lots of fun, since the bass player and drummer really COOKED!

Quite naturally, we got a bit dressed up for the occasion. It always seems to be more fun that way. Madamme wore her 'Dragon Lady' top and long skirt, with some sexy seemed stockings that I always enjoy. I just wore some leather trousers, silk shirt and custom blazer, but I made sure to put on my 'cholo' boots. I was hoping to get some dancing in, and we did.

I have to think that one of the best things about Swan's is that it is part of that miniscule fraternity of bars in this town that DO NOT HAVE A TV ANYWHERE. The only others I can think of are The Penny Farthing in Oak Bay and the Irish Times at the top of Bastion Square. Of course, the fact that they have REAL LIVE MUSIC almost every night is also a plus.

We left early of course. There were other imperatives to be considerred, after all. Even though things got very intense, the whip marks had totally faded by this morning.

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