HOT night in Mississippi  

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HOT night in Mississippi

i was your typical local computer repairguy 'GEEK' in a new role as the 'out of town expert'. i had gone there
(greenwood) on a real bad problem at mp&l. she was the 'keypunch girl'. a 5'1" blond bomb. built like a brick house. 105 or so pounds. 37 (she said) 28-38. 21 years old, she was married to a football tackle HS boyfriend. i remember working for 3 days straight our 'guys' there didn't give a damm for the account. they were in Jackson and hated to leave town. i finally found the problem, a dirt filled power supply, with a stopped fan. i changed it and settled back to see if it was going to work this time. it seemed ok. kitty and i had got on well, we talked about all sorts of stuff, i had left HS 2 years sooner than she, and i didn't play ball. Finally
it came time to go, i filled out all the paperwork and packed up my 'scope and toolbag. we had some really tough rules at the Company, one was no messing with 'customer girls' or else. I was married
with 2 small kids and i needed this job so i followed the rules, dress code and all. she however had other plans. i was too tired to drive the 8 hours home so it was another nite in the
Holiday Inn. i was about to leave when kitty said
'This calls for a celebration' 'lets go eat'.
I was kinda shocked, but i had to eat too so i said OK. 'where are you staying at ' she asked.
'Holiday Inn' i replyed. 'they got room service'
she asked 'sure i guess' i mumbled. ' hey i said
what about hubby', 'oh, i stay here in town all the time through the week anyway,. she said with a smile. i was getting worried now i wanted her no doubt, but was it worth getting fired over? i had
heard too many horror stories about how some smuck
lost his job because some peice of ass some where
couldn't keep her mouth shut at work, then some
middle manager somewhere called the regional boss
and griped about it. all the girls knew that a
'good word' from us was very, very good for their
careers. blackmail was not unknown especally with
the 'sleep to the top' type. i wasn't quite ready i thought. then i looked at her, really looked,
God, she was a looker, a real cheerleader type.
no, dumb blond here though. a once in a lifetime chance
for me. i thought at the time. i was a virgin
when i got married for God sake! she was smart,
alright, she manuvered me to bed like a pro.
'how are you going to explane this to hubby?'
i asked 'who is going to watch your kid?'
'we live in the same old farm house he was born
in' she said 'about 40 miles from here' 'his
mother will, she already does anyway' 'look' she
said 'you really going to turn this down', as she whirled around the room. she put both hands behind
her back, leaned back on the desktop letting her
assets almost punch through the sweater top she had on. i could see her 'lights on' and i said
'no, lets go'. i was really scared someone would
see the lust on my face already. she must have too
and said 'be cool, just go to the motel and wait on me, give me the key.' i gave her the key. i left after chatting for what seemed forever with her boss. a 50 something lady with no personality
at all. i used the out-watts line to call home.
it was a really tough conversation she seemed to know something was up, or was it just mt paranoia?
it didn't matter, the deed was done, i was going to fuck this young lady's brains out, i was going to make sure that no matter if i did get caught
it was going to be worth it. I was hot now every thing was set. all i had to do was show up. and show up i did. i made it to the the motel in record time, went by the desk and got another key, pulled
around to the room and went inside, kitty was already there. HI, i nervously said, 'you know i,ve never done this before'. 'neither have i, she said. 'really?', i said. 'really, i have always been a good girl but i get so tired of this small town, small people, and my husband hasn't made love to me in weeks, i dont even remember when
all he does is fool around with that farm stuff. she said tearfully. I have always been a sucker for tears, and i knew
what she was talking about, her husband was just like me. i couldn't remember when i had made love to my wife either, hell she could be telling some other guy the same thing now! 'come here' i said
'enough about other people, from now on its just me and you, ok' 'ok' she sniffled, i lowered all my defences now. i knew the truth, about her and me too. "kiss me' i said. she reached up with all her short stature would reach, i bent over to make up the difference, our lips met and their was an explosion in my head, unbridled lust was meeting its object of affection, i felt her hot breath on my cheek, my arms went around her waist, her hands
went over her head, i knew what that ment, off came the sweater, the bra had a center front clasp, thank God, i don't think i could have ever managed a rear one. her breast were free finally,
and God they were even larger than they looked!
her nipples were like rocks, hard and firm flesh
around them, they had a life of their own, the
flesh was so like muscles i could hardly beleive
it. her nipples were shaped like little 'top hats'
and were the size of my thumb. huge,hot and bothered and she was mine body and soul. she was trusting me too i found out, mp&l had the same policy we did. no matter now, i planted a wet french kiss right on the nipple, i was in heaven when i looked up and saw her head back, eyes on the celing. the noise was soon getting to be too much, i turned on the radio, it was on some blues station, good for me. the time soon came as i tried to get out of my suit, we pulled away long enough to get naked. i pushed her back on the bed
on her back, i went down on her like a dog in heat
she liked it, she pulled her tits and flopped her legs on the bed. i was going to do her face to face frist i thought, but then i realized her face would be on my chest, so i said 'roll over, rover'.she fliped over and landed on her knees, i looked at all that real estate of ass and just could not stand it, i planted a bid smack with my bare hand right on her right cheek. 'ohhhhh', came the response
then she flagged her ass side to side, 'do it again!' she moaned. i rewarded her with 3 more in rapid order, the juice was oozeing from that beautiful bald pussy now, wet and wild, i reached around her front with my left hand and put one finger on her clit, now swollen with lust and desire. i rubbed her reddened ass with the other hand, she wriggled agaignst my hand on her cunt.
i toyed with her, spanking her big, beautiful ass
and letting her be in control too. i didn't know
women could cum like that then. i pushed one, two
fingers into her love canal, i have never seen a better cum to this day! the jucies flooded out in a spray, she was screaming now at the top of her
husky voice, 'fuckme,fuckme, fuck meeeee, nowwww'
she was still on the edge of the bed, i noticed
her sex was in just the right place, i put my cock
on her pussy, now wet and HOT, and pushed, hard.
i have never thought of myself as a stud, or even
'well hung' but judgeing from her response, you'd never know! i felt the end of my eight inch's hit
bottom, i guess it was her build but sure enough
i filled her pussy full. it was like she was impaled on it, arms outstreched, legs bent,
head up, ass red, the sounds caught in mid air.
'breath, i yelled, breath' finally after a few seconds of silence, a rasby breath came to her.
'OH, GOD, OH MY GOD, GOD I CAN"T HELP IT', a renewed stream of hot fluid hit me right on the balls. 'OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY,she cried as she proceded to piss on me and mostly the bed, i let her finish and then i put my hand on the top of her ass crack and went to work, i hit her ass with my legs on every stroke, she was pushing hard towards me and never folded, i grabbed her short hair and pulled her head towards me, she moaned and went limp as a dish rag! Now it was my turn to pray,'OH MY GOD' i yelled "ARE YOU ALL RIGHT"!
my dick went limp next, i thought i had killed her some way, i REALLY did, i looked for blood,
none, i rolled her over, no easy task, then i saw her flared nostrels move then a cough and a ragged deep breath, relif flooded my mind, her eyes fluttered not unlike a child and then opened wide.
she grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down on her chest. my knees were on the floor, my head buried deep in her bountiful chest, "did you make it' she ask, 'no, you scared the shit out of me!'
i almost was angry,. 'why didn't you tell me, your too much! well almost!' she said, 'let me see it' she said,
i stood up, her eye's popped out, 'how many dick's
have you seen kitty' i asked "two', she said, but yours is different, OH MY GOD your not cut, it's all there! 'yes', i said, ,'i'm not cut, but why the hell did you do this swoon thing, i'm not that big for God's sake'. 'well' 'i hate to
tell you this but, it not all you, she turned red
in the face and turned away, i just cum so hard
and the spanking thing i've never done before, i just overloaded i guess'. i'm sorry if i scared you , i've never fainted before though, i,m so starved and you i, i'. 'enough' i said ,it's ok now
i understand i've heard about that kind of thing but i never expected it to happened to me you know'.

she looked like a angel to me, soft, with a glow that has to be experenced to understand, satifyed.
my cock was as hard as even now and seeing her there made me hurt for fulfilment. she reached out and took my dick in her hand like a new toy in a display at the store, like a kid with a new toy.
her fasination with my uncut cock was truley weird to me. i didn't care really, all i wanted to do was cum NOW. i took hold of her tits and rolled the nips berween my thumb and forefinger, she looked up at me and smiled (i beleive she actually
regressed to about 15 yrs old) now so niave and killer cute. i was ashamed of myself briefly.
then i remembered whose idea this was frist (HERS)
'do you like umm' she said. 'O God who wouldn't
their PERFECT' i said. "so pretty and so, so BIG'.
she laughed and tossed her short hair. 'everybody
does, me and 'the girls' always' get our man'.
'well you got me, now finish me please' i was begging really, i knew it would be quick now.
she laid back down on the wet bed like she didn't
care and said 'get it', thats all it took for me.
i got down on my knees, that was all it took to get me and her short frame lined up again. i eased in to the slot, it was so tight, she tightend up
and thru me out! 'shit', i said 'stop that you prick teasing bitch" i laughingly said. 'i need to get off here ok?' 'wasta matter big boy can,t get
in' 'you know it bitch', i said lightly. she laughed and damm that tight cunt put me out again!
'now stop that' i said 'have a heart, you cock teasing whore!' belly laugh's were in order now.
'whore is it, then how much is it worth, JOHN'.
i grabbed both legs and said 'UP, UP' you whore,
bitch, i think i'll spank your fat ass again!"
'do you think that will really help?' she busted out. but she lifted her legs, gave me more control. i tried to go in again, and just like it knew its home it sunk up to my balls, i ground around and around, she tried to kick me out again but this time i was in too deep for that trick.
her legs came down on my shoulders, they were so short i could see the bottom of her feet!
'now just be real still', i teased 'not on your
life' she said 'you, you child fucker'. this shocked me 'okay if's that the way you want it, HERE' i clamped down on her nips with my thumb nails and pushed as hard as i could. her back arched 6 inches off the bed 'yessss' she hissed
'do it' and i did as best i could one two three thrust and i exploded in her. 'i hope your on the pill' i just assumed she was. 'its not my time'
she said 'go ahead you big service man lube me up good" and boy did i i pumped at least a half dozen
full streams into her pussy, deep down at the bottom, she was out of it by now. i got on the wet bed next to here and we spooned up and went to sleep. I cut off the radio and snuggled ger neck
licked her ears, hugged her amazing boobs. my coch was almost still in place, we both zonked out.

i awoke first the next morning, i always could set a time in my head an not miss it by much. 6:30am
right on the money. my dick was stilled semi-plastered to the inside of her short legs.
as i felt my morning piss hard come on i pulled back to the outburst of my new found friend. 'put it in again' she said. 'i can't' i said 'its a piss hard i've got to go, then i'll be right back'. 'OK" she begrudginly said. 'go on and just piss ans see if i care'. the way she said it provoked me to say 'you got a better idea'.
'well, maybe, come on' she said. she sprang up so fast it took me by suprize. 'come on slo-poke,'
that chapped me so i jumped up we ran to the barhroom, i got there first and got on the tolet
top. and streached out, my piss hard dick throbbing with my raceing heart beat. "watch" she said as she backed up to my dick that was sticking straght out. soon the head of my dick was pressing on the doorway again, it gave easly to my pressure. when it was about half in she said'go ahead' 'i cant i said it will hurt all day if i dont piss first'. 'PISS< GOD DAMMIT PISS'
'really' i said weakly 'REALLY' as my poor fucked
up mind began to work. 'GO AHEAD BEFORE I DO'
she screamed, gritting her teeth. 'OK' i said 'here it comes' i let go as best i could, at first
there was only a small dribbleing stream, then i felt the release come, a full hard yellow stream.
'ok' she said "watch" she looked up at the ceiling
and groaned, i could feel the inside of her pussy
pull back as the pressure from our combined effort's then it spilled over,all over me (again)
but i didn't care, it was HOT and DIRTY she loved it! the wonderful look on her fach told me all i needed to know. fucking heaven for her. i let all my inhibitions go. i grab her waist and yelled
'GOD YES, YES YES' she responded 'yes,yes, yes!.
when all was said and done i was blown away, how the hell she had found all thease tricks in a backwood mississippi town was beyond me. she was a natural, thats it, a natural.

thank you all powers that be.



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