The Brothel  

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7/28/2005 11:18 am

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The Brothel

I was on the way to Salt Lake after traveling thru California with elusiveact after working flea markets in that state. We had intended on stopping at Tahoe and doing a market there....but the blizzard had changed our plans. We had been driving all night from California, and we were both dragging and we were having a hard time staying awake.....then....Wells,Nevada....not alot there...but decided to take a break and get some hot java and a bite to eat....They have 2 brothels in decided to stop at one...we had never been to we were interested in finding out about the place. Found out it was the oldest in Nevada, built around the days the railroad was first being built in the area. We had to push a buzzer to let them know there was people waiting to get in....the door opened...It was a nice place, comfortable place, not with fancy and elaborate decor as one might think....Had a few tables and a counte with some swivel chairs next to it. I got a cup hot coffe...God, it was good...[elusiveact] got some ice water....the woman behind the counter asked if we want to see the menu...."wow...they even have food here"....The next instant, we had 8 nice looking women standing in front of us....all with not alot on....boy!!!! They asked us to pick a girl, and she would give us a tour of the building...of course there was no obligation....after showing us the building...and telling us about the history of the brothel, she took us to her room....there she set us down and proceeded to tell us it would cost $300 for her to show us "a good time"...It was very tempting....but decided we should get back on the road....but, we decided to give her a parting gift before leaving....just to show our appreciation....I went outside and then came back in with a handful of our French Postcards that we had been selling....we had her pick out as many as she wanted....the next thing we knew, she was in the office, pulling the owner out, leading him to our table. He was really excited about our collection, and asked if we could enlarge them in order to add some to the brothels walls.....he wanted 50 of them, all enlarged to 8x10, and all different....We decided that we could do them in Wells...we had all our equipment with we went ahead and got a room at one of the local motels....even though we were told that we could stay at the brothel and work on them long as it would take....We stayed in Wells for a week...enlarging, colorizing, and printing the photos that he had chosen....and all the time making many trips to the brothel....the girls excepted us....we were treated as one of the family...and had some.. ahh.. fun times...

So, next time you are visiting Wells and have the urge to visit the oldest brothel in Nevada, look up at the pictures that the owner will undoubtly say are prostitutes that have worked there ...and just smile and say.. I know the people that sold them to you...

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