My Computor  

AshenMagusDonor 71M
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8/7/2006 5:01 am
My Computor

I bought this used computor. I tried it out before I bought it and it worked really great....until the minute I brought it home. It wouldn't boot up...I spent hours with it...and nothing. I went ahead and took it down to one of the local experts. He checked it out and told me the motherboard was bad. Now, this computor was only a year old. Three days later, it was fixed,,,and only set me back $110. Now...that is just plain cheap. And boy does it work great. I spent more than 5 hours downloading programs last night....except for my Yahoo site builder files that were still in my other putor. I started to copy my web sites that I had been working guessed cd burner drive stopped...and now it tells me it does not even exist. So...looks like today I pull it out of my old machine....and try to reinstall it....hoping that the computor will recognize it again....and reinstall the drivers for it. Just another day. Hahahahaha

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