Hot Time at the Ranch House  

AshenMagusDonor 71M
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1/16/2006 4:56 pm

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3/13/2006 7:20 am

Hot Time at the Ranch House

I had talked to her a few times on the phone...just general hot phone I am used to..She thought I was hot..and I think just wanted to see if I was all bull shit...or the real deal. We had set up for her to drive the 2 hours over to my place..and spend the day together ..on a Saturday...and if things went well...she would stay the night...That worked for me...She arrived around the time she had said she would. She looked nice...nice hair and clothes..just nice...We spend a total of 15 seconds on chit chat..and grabbed each other...pulling each other towards the floor...her trying to get her jeans just hanging on for dear life. Her lips were soft and had that know...that sweet girly hot and soft. My hand had already managed to pull her breasts from her bra...and my tongue was already going back and forth across her nipples...getting them harder at ever pass of my wet tongue. My hand was going down her smooth stomach...heading down to her pussy...and I knew it had to be was. I slid two fingers inside of her..cocking them upward just alittle...finding that soft spot...the spot that I knew...that once my fingers started massaging her....she would start cumming over and over. She started cumming hard...and then harder..and harder...over and over again..her moans getting louder and louder...then turning to screams of pure pleasure. We continued into the night...taking a hour break for dinner...and picking up where we had left off. She spent the night...and left late Sunday afternoon...with the promise to return again.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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1/16/2006 6:03 pm

Cant wait to hear what happens next!

Purry {=}


trysasha 56F

2/18/2006 7:57 pm

wow andy....must be a gift you have. Couldn't be something you did as a business at one time did it?

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