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12/27/2005 6:36 am

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post xmas stuff

I am treating myself to getting my nails done for the new year. Im not a tomboy but not into all that girly stuff. clear polish and clean cuticles all year. Then xmas red sparkly polish and now for new years i MAY get tips (I had them once, pain in the but) with a french (oh la la!)manicure and a design, my nails with same, of a polish I brought..a roseygoldy light color..very nice and sparkly

Then since I am FINALLY getting my, well I always wore Thight high boots..but strictly cosmetic. I got a GREAT deal thru VS for the suede you can get wet knee high with some fur where you tie them up front. May sound trashy or gauky but IS NOT!!

Then I had abunch of gift certs for xmas. One was to old Navy. Now, here again, I used xmas money to order a British tan Mock crock thigh lenght coat..leather crock i guess, not to warm, I already have hats gloves and scarf matches.

Here is what hurts..I have my Steelers jaccket from HS but It just, unless I supeer layer, doesnt keep my warm. Then there is the half fur my mom gave me in black. I just need to get buttons on but its all open on top..SO I need or i WOULD need a hood which would look dumb, I need buttons on it, and my floppy ears hat..Black with some red and it says Canada up top

So I got Merchandise credit coming and money from my hubby to VS of course and other places and Old Navy. I bring Old Navy up because they have a pink Hooded Sherpa Jacket for like 1/2 off at least!!!! Then I get my belly pierced AGAIN!!

did it twice before but it didnt work..but thats another story

AMD that works out good because I just ordered a bunch of WICKED tongue rings (quality) and got one Christmas Belly one by mistake.


Nails, boots, coat, piercing (saving next tat for summer or late Fall) def...I have what i NEED from VS but want to pick something super sexy since Iam working out and toatlly shaped

so wish me luck..I am going to order the Old Navy Jacket now



ps...I am very low maint. like I said..two other things..i wear almost no makeup and hair is striaght, I did it dirty blonde (my stylist was even pleased!! He said he would hav doheuu

lickyourpassion 44M
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12/27/2005 5:04 pm

Wow, you got really hooked up. Sounds like a blast. Dirty blonde? interesting...


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