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12/17/2005 12:36 pm

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nothing better to do

Just checking mail

went to get the dog have her pic taken with santa IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable..they let me and hubby get in the shot to..the money went toward charity and we got..for only nine dollars...two poloroids, a puffy frame blue and white that says PETSMART and has a snowman, a calander, a sweepstakes entry, coupons (good ones!!) two dog bones and a thing of dog treats..not bad for that..My husband was worried and sorta didnt want to go because he thought she would act up..but since I had been walking her all summer during the day she was getting used to people and then when we had a houseguest over the summer for two weeks, she HAD to get used to someone..she is sweet and never bites dont get me wrong but she just barks and growls a lot..once she sniffs you and you start petting her she hams it up..not to mention at that drunken party from Thurs someone left ..well..I dont know WHAT the hell it is here its a scarf or maybe goes over your ears its like read with little yarn balls on the end and a little green and white in it so, to give you an idea how small it is and why i dont know WHAT it is is because I was able to wrap it around a MINI SCHNAUZERS neck and it was still short. whatever

And I cloroxed the bathroom for the couple that was in there for over an hour...sorry but you come to someones house for the first time that is fu*king disrespectful..when I went shower curtain was all messed up, it was all steamed up and there was a soaking towel on the edge of the tub....I mean go for it...they just met that night but dont do it in my bathroom...and dont tie it up..Did I bitch about this already?

Well OH! yeah I was so horny (and am right now) so I was up at 7a as usual to do my yoga but forgot it was Sat and the show i watch wasnt on ( I have to start taping them) anyway..I did Tai Chi instead, back to sleep, then the gym, then to get blood drawn...we go ALL the way up to the lab..the slip at home says they are open from 8-1p so we get there quarter to 1 and NOW they close at 12.. what a waste of time.

Well have to pick mom up at work (she has no car right now) and go shopping to make our Villa.

OH!! Sorry after the Tai Chi I lay down and started thinking of this girl I was with and slowly layed on my stomach and put my hand down my pants and playing with my clit...oh man..thinking of her breasts and kissing them, my face buried in her sweet patch and humping togther rubbing together and kissing so deep and long I just came in like 5 min..then I was STILL horny so I did it again..and thats what I am off to do now...hehe



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