Thanks and WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT??!!!  

rm_randybirch 44M/45F
8/18/2005 11:46 am
Thanks and WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT??!!!

Just want to say of COURSE thanks to all that answered my ramblings. And thanks to those on the sideline viewing my blog. MUAZ!!

Anywho. Hmmm....Hey I have a few people I may need help with passing this blog off. Ok, so I decide to make my hubby happy by kissing his happy before work...(yeah its childish But I would like to get this published)

So then (I was sitting at the computer, he was standing) then he reached around and started finger*ng me. So I stood up and he sat.

When I came (AND BOY DID I CUM!!!!!!!!!!) he YELLED "OMG!!" I was like "WHAT WHAT!!!?????"

He said "look at the floor"

It looked like someone spilled a half a cup of water on the floor.

Yes ladies and second female orgasm. And I mean the squirty ones like the guys do it hehe.

"What happened to Hockey?" you may ask..

Well, I went step by step asking him about a conquest with a girl we had about both of us licking his pole then kissing each other. Then I told him what if I wrote about what just happened in the blog and went over it detail by detail. He came all over my face...YIPEE!!!!

So NOW!!!! I lost my sun again. Instead of being out there at 11a. I had to fight with the bank and do other things. Not to mention with my bum knee, Hockey had to help me set up outside. So it is 2:45pm EST and I have been IN my bikini in front of the damn comp. So I figure I got til 6:30

Talk to you all later...

Oh...and if you read this far, it was totally cool to be put on someone's hotlist (you know who you are) Thanks, you made my day!!

Im outte

luv on ya!!!



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