rm_randybirch 43M/45F
8/17/2005 6:07 pm

So you read my comments? I dont CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!

The first nice day in NJ NO HUMIDITY, NO CLOUDS, NICE sun.I go out and even with the morphine in me I can get comfy on the loungechair. GD it ALLLLLLLL!!!! I am NEVER in a bad mood but I said well, I will fix it somehow, perfect day to clear my mind and work on my tan without breathing the heavy toxic fumes from our local destructotheozono factory. So I go back in, start watching a movie and sleep til FING EIGHT (thats 8 yes PM EST..I woke up kicking things (thus hurting my body more) Oh the reasons I couldnt get comfy in my chair is because two weeks ago I went to dive for a football and came down like a damn comedy routine. Left shoulder, left hip, left knee, left foot. But it was soo funny I laughed but It hurt so bad I couldnt even roll on my back!! ( I did eventually but it hurt. I musta been down for about 20 min maybe more)

Now I am laughing as is my husband (no, he isnt an ass it felt awkward and mustahave looked hysterical!!!)

So I am wondering why about two weeks later I am all puffed up, cant walk..

I can take so much pain which is why i see a pain specialist because a normal doc wont TOUCH the RX I need for my pain. I need to move to Mexico (OK JUST KIDDING!! geez) lol..anyway..what do I do then? I reach for a drink on a hot summer day (pardon me a day) and I fall off my damn chair TO THE LEFT. and let me tell you there is NO graceful way to do that either. HIT THE LEFT ELBOW THEN THE KNEE...

SO something happens next that I fall off of which is too embarasaing to write about.

So that is three for three. THe girl at the Chiropractor said I broke the spell. Ha freakin ha.

So blah blah I have to get this and that done. May have torn something etc (there IS SOMETHING to be said for being a packrat..found my crutches from the last time I screwed up my knee,)


So hubby comes home in an hour. THe response to my Zebra post made me laugh (thanks man...u are the best) So He saved me from smoking my first cigg in weeks and getting enough beers in me to forget I slept thur the day.

But I guess my body needed it.

Who cares anyway. Last night we had all our friends over (and with my husband that like 20 some odd people) and his friend made up a game similar to Horseshoes but a HECKOFALOT more fun. And my husband and i BEAT him by I think 4 points or 3 SO WOOOHOO!! He was undefeated. They said My tragectory was awesome (yeah me!)

ok, everyone says I am long winded but this is MUCH better than keeping my jounal because I write sloppy and I have about 10 journal because I feel too much lol!!

Hope you had fun reading about my crappy day..

Luv on ya all!!!


AND I AM MORE THAN CRANKY!!! Lets complain to AdultFriendFinder to pick at least three emotions, what do you say??

AltumHunksUnite 53M

8/18/2005 6:51 am

Sorry you had a crappy day.

Any takers yet for your offer to the ladies on lowering their Purity scores?

Let me drive. I like the view

rm_randybirch 43M/45F
49 posts
8/18/2005 11:32 am

NO!!!!! Cleavis you know I wonder about these people on this site. Everyone wants it but no one cops up to it...."Im lonely Im horny etc and blah blah" WELL!!!! Here I am!!! There You are!! I know personally (Like in person) about 5 people on here. Great people. Very sexy. I dont know my main man. Maybe I was your hockey wife in another life time LOL!!!

However, back to the subject at hand. The fact that YOU answered this is sad. (DONT TAKE OFFENSE) You try the nice, you try the nasty. WHAT DO WOMEN WANT??!!! I always wished I was a guy. Now I def. dont. But I will keep you posted and I may just keep posting it!!! So there hehehe....I PROMISE I will get back to your blog. You are the best!!

xxoo and Luv on ya!


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