Personal Philosophy  

rm_randybirch 43M/45F
8/18/2005 2:16 pm
Personal Philosophy

As I responded to someone else, I realized what I have all my life. My Personal Philosophy (I know I spelled that wrong LOL!!!)

You can be sexy without being pretty.

A woman, lady, girl (ummm...not under 18 lol) whatever you want to call yourself, with a brain is just as sexy.

My Philosophy?

If you condider yourself, or others do (hey and if you dont care thats great) However, if you are average or subpar LOOKING, take your brains, your sense of humor, your personality, your love for others in general, and willingness to try new things and you just became Miss America.

Luv on Ya...


Come with it!!! I would love to hear some Philosphies...hey, it may not have been about life, but I thought it approp. for here.

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