I met Kevin Smith Today.....and my taste in movies LOL!  

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2/8/2006 11:12 pm

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I met Kevin Smith Today.....and my taste in movies LOL!

No not really....However..Being a HUGE Kevin Smith fan....I went to pick up my new glasses ( I wear contacts but I will wear glasses out if they are a cool pair and these are the new ones that turn to sunglasses when you go outside. NO MORE LOST SUNGLASSES!!!) I walk by...who else.. SILENT BOB!!! I sh*t you not.....

I didnt say anything on the way in..but there he was..same hair, same facial hair, smoking a ciggie, cap on, with that Silent Bob coat...

So on the way out I HAD to say something...I told him he looked like Kevin Smith and he looked a little perplexed...I said You know who that is? he said OF COURSE!! then I said well I meant it as a compliment...I think he thought I was off my meds LOL!! But we talked a minute or two and he mentioned he had a band and it had to be fate and I cant explain the long story but the band had the word SHEEP in it and ...well that is like an old ...story I cant explain ( a funny one not a sexual one GEEZ!!)

Speaking of, CLERKS 2 will be at Cannes this year. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Living In NJ I love that I can just ride about a half hour to his store...

So I am the ULTIMATE movie buff. I like just about anything...Im not just Horror Genre, etc. However some people question my weirdness but will admit even the weirdest or dorkiest movie I recommend is good (great!!) I keep a notebook of every movie I have ever seen. I have seen over 2,000. I started the notebook in my mid 20's. So with the help of good old fashioned great memory and movie sites I was able to piece together, in alpha order, all the movies I have ever seen (Yes I am that obsessed)

Anyway, pornos aside (LOL!!) Here are a few I have recently seen (accept the last one) and I recommend..

Kicking and Screaming (you will fall off your chair laughing)

Duplex (dont REMEMBER it in the theaters but saw it on FX...great black comedy with a FABULOUS SURPRISE ending)

Rolling Kansas (I really dont know how to categorize this accept it seemed like a really cool story if it were to be true...I really liked the actors)

I dont know why I felt the need to express this at 2am...however...

next post will be something to do with sex again...you all seem to like that LOL!!! So until then...and what turns me on...I bid you Adios

Luv on ya!

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