Was it meant to be  

rm_ramage2u 48M
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4/13/2006 3:08 am

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Was it meant to be

I was involved in an extra martial relationship. I was very much in love with this girl and she told me she felt the same. I eventuall ask my wife for a divorce this after being with this chick for over a year and when I told her I was getting a divorce so we can get married. She freaked out and told me she never loved me. I almost died. The world turned to mush I couldn't breathe. Now she pregnant for some guy who isn"t giving her the time of day and she is alway calling me to chat and wants me to vist. I avoid her I can't go through that emotional trauma againg.
The lucky thing is my wife said she couldn't leave me she prefer if I go out n get what I want. The thing is I love my wife but I wish she was more accomadating sexually maybe I would stray or not but I certainly wouldn't always be horny.

mag_seven 40M

4/22/2007 11:25 pm

Keep your wife and forget about the other chick. She had her chance and blew it. Now shi wah rally back when shi si har mistake...Yu need fi tell yu wife weh yu want inna di bedroom. Tell har seh it will keep yu from stray...Best of luck to you Ramage.

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