Chance Meeting - Part 3  

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5/20/2006 6:31 pm

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Chance Meeting - Part 3

We carefully stepped out of the hot tub and dried ourselves off in our robes. Mara and Pak finished the last of the wine, and I filled my glass with water. Mara led me and Pak to their bedroom, where she lept on the bed and asked me to give her oral pleasure. I was more than happy to oblige.

Her pubic hair was short and straight, groomed but not shaved. Her asshole was perfectly hairless. Her pussy was very attractive. I kissed her neck, breasts, stomach, arms, legs, feet, and then up to her nether regions.
I started slow, allowing her to get comfortable with my mouth on her, then picked up the pace and the pressure. I carefully slid a finger in her pussy, then another, and massaged her G-spot. She grabbed my head and guided my mouth to where she wanted more attention. She didn't have to move far. She was riding her first orgasm when I slipped my pinky finger into her cute little asshole.
She let out a yelp that sounded at first to be objection and then encouragement all at the same time. She began to shake and clawed at the sheets. I thought she was going to break my nose with as hard as she was bucking against my face.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me hard on the mouth. My jaw had really gotten a work out.
Pak was laying beside us, stroking his small cock.

She rolled me over, and straddled my lap, rubbing her pussy along the shaft of my cock. She raised herself up and slid down on my cock, taking all 7 inches inside her. She proceeded to bounce up and down on my cock until I thought she was going to hurt herself (or me). Her tits, while small, looked great bouncing up and down in my face. Just when I was about to cum, she hopped off and turned around, facing my feet. She straddled me again, this time giving me a great view of her beautiful ass and pretty feet. I licked a thumb and slid it in her asshole. She tightened her sphincter around it so well, I wondered if I'd get my thumb back. I was close to coming again, but rather than let me cum in her pussy, she slid back putting her pussy on my face and my cock in her mouth.
I came hard and could feel her swallow every drop. She continued to suck while I licked and fingered her pussy and asshole. She pulled my legs up and back and began fingering my asshole, too. Before I realized what was happening, I felt a tongue in my ass and a mouth on my cock.
Pak was licking my balls and asshole while his wife continued to suck me dry!
I stopped for a moment, and they both froze, then turned back and asked if it was OK. It took about a second to reply, "It's OK."
I don't know if it was the fact that I had such a beautiful ass staring me in the face, or that it really felt good, but I didn't mind the two of them working their magic on me.

"Mara," I said. "Maybe it's time you and Pak fuck for awhile. He looks like he needs it."
She rolled off of me and I slowly stepped off the bed and Pak took my place. She straddled him just like she straddled me the first time. This time though, she seemed to make a point of spreading her ass cheeks with every downward thrust.

It looked like an invitation to me. With as much saliva as I left in her asshole, I figured she'd be a little lubed, but maybe not enough to be painless. I hoped the alcohol would help as I crawled back on the bed and positioned myself behind her.
When she felt the tip of my cock against her asshole, she let out a deep breath and eased herself back onto me. It must have been her first time because she lurched forward almost immediately. Surprisingly, she was willing to try it again. This time, she was more determined and managed to let the head of my cock past her sphincter. Her ass was incredibly tight.
Just then, Pak slipped out of her pussy and came on my balls.
"So sorry, so sorry," he cried.
I said that it was OK, but I don't think he did it on accident. He slid out from under Mara, but then slid right back under, this time head first. He was lying on his back in a perfect position for a "69" with Mara, but went a little further to the point of being able to play with my balls while I fucked his wife in the ass.
Mara bent down and began sucking Pak's little dick, while Pak played and licked at my balls.
I decided to teach Pak a little lesson and pulled my cock out of his wife's asshole and pushed it in his mouth. He seemed shocked at first, and then relieved as he sucked eagerly. I pulled out of his mouth and then slid my cock back in his wife's asshole, this time a little easier.
"Again, please," Pak said.
Who was I to deny him? I repeated the process several times until I was about to cum. I pulled Mara's hips back against mine and came deep in her asshole while Pak filled her mouth with his cum.
As soon as I pulled out of her, Pak immediately began licking her asshole as if he had acquired a taste for my cum.

I asked if they minded if I took a shower without them. Of course, they objected. They quickly got up and joined me in the shower - which was barely big enough for two. Mara brushed her teeth and got in with me first, then Pak brushed his and got in behind her. She kissed me like she was in love with me and I started to get worried for them. It wasn't long, though, before my cock was ready for action again.
Mara and Pak seemed to do a good job of cleaning each other, and then turned their attention toward me. They soaped up my front and back. Mara would occasionally slide a finger in my ass and smile up at me, while Pak would pretend to accidentally stroke my cock.
Before I knew it, they were both on their knees taking turns blowing me and then kissing each other. It was a sight to see, that's for sure.

I had gotten more than I bargained for, but apparently they weren't through with me, yet.

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