My last night of work wa Sunday night...  

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5/3/2006 11:35 am
My last night of work wa Sunday night...

No one really wanted to talk much. Things are kind of hard there. I feel guilty for bailing, but my kids need me more.
I wrote them all a letter of encouragement, I thought I'd share. Keep in mind, the job required 12-hour rotating shifts with a lot of 60 hour weeks.

Lesson's I've learned here;
If you absolutely do not know what to do ask someone to help. There's always someone. And it's better to swallow stubborn pride than get yourself over frustrated.
If you have a great idea, share it or if possible, try it. Don't be afraid of asking "Why do we do it this way?" Maybe there's a high tech reason, but most likely nobody thought about other ways.
Remember everyone has other things going on in their lives besides work. Some people don't want to share their other life with co-workers. Kind of like keeping work at work & home at home.
Asking nicely gets you a lot farther than complaining.
Wear your earplugs and remember to breathe!
Laugh! At yourself and each other!
Candy buffets are good! Suckers are even better when you don't want to put your foot in your mouth or offend anyone.
Family can mean more than just blood relatives.
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
If it looks bad, it probably is. You don't get in trouble for extra testing, but looking for a problem when there isn't one is annoying.
Clean machines run better! Clean the problem are and faults disappear. It's magic! (Most of the time.)
It's your work area, you deserve a clean and safe environment!
We all have tools. Whether it be voice, ability to learn fast, ability to explain things so others can understand, endurance, quick thinking, multitasking, problem solving, willingness to help others,etc. Must use those tools! Wouldn't want to lose them!
Most of all, I'll miss all my co-workers!

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