good lord  

rm_radioplay68 39M
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11/26/2005 4:11 pm

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10/17/2006 10:49 am

good lord

Im glued to this screen lately. Constantly looking for people to talk to or things to do... . . . seems like I had more to do prior to moving to the tri cities.. wonder what that's all about?

picksie 54M/51F

12/12/2005 6:27 am

I know the feeling...We just moved not to long ago actually Nov 1st and thats what I feel except my life is so much more hetic now then ever but I still feel glued to this screen, why I don't know. If you find out let me know..Your friend always Picksie

rm_radioplay68 39M

12/15/2005 10:39 am

ya know pixie... I think part of the reason I am glued to the screen is the excitement... there are tons of naked pics on here from people that could be your or my neighbors...and that is damned hot to think about.... maybe its my voyeristic ways... who knows.... but being a regular masterbator... and having pretty well exausted my interest in normal porn.... there is something about this entire site that isnt quite hot itself.... but... adds some sort of sexual excitement to my life.... the tension of talking to people who's only picture I have seen is of their tits, vagina, or penis.... damn I love this site...

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