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10/16/2005 4:43 am

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Upgraded Friends Finder

I was attempting to do some early Christmas shopping for womens clothes earlier this week. An extremely young attractive lady caught my eye. She had tight white pants on with a pink string thong on underneath which showed through. Even though she was too young for me, I was still enjoyed the view. That is what I miss most about the warm months mostly; I love when women show off their bodies. Tits and ass, especially ass. Tight short shorts where a women's ass is formed and the cheeks push out of the bottom. Dive me crazy.

Any ways she arouse my curiosity, even though she was hot. I knew on my hotlist there was even more hot people which I wanted to know more about, so I upgraded. Even though I have not had the time to browse friends much. So far I like what I see about the people I found attractive, now I am just trying to know a little more about them. I plan on emailing some individuals, not to harass just to let them know what I think of them or comment on their likes & dislikes, whatever. Curious to see if anything becomes of it.

Marriage wise, this week has been a little more calmer than normal. Maybe because the wife has been gone more. We have not been on good terms for some time. Been taking my daughter to story time, evening classes for stories. Most of the mothers take their children. So I get a chance to talk with them. I almost forgot how nice it is to sit & actually talk calmly with a women.

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