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10/30/2005 4:28 am

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My family has been pestering me for a dog. So they researched online & found a dog. A vet had it & we went to see it. The dog got along with everyone & was very open to my daughter who hung all over him. A week later the vet said if we wished to take him home for a couple of days to see how it would it was OK. The dog is here now. What a dog. An 80 pound chocolate Lab. Very well behaved. I'm afraid one of the main reasons was searching for a dog failed though. My daughter is the real one who wants a dog. The dog is more interested in adults than children. Too bad, he is a good dog. He is housebroken, listens well, attentive, doesn't beg (too much anyways). A dog that big needs more room to run anyways.

Trick or Treat is tonight. My daughter wants to be Cinderella, any princess really. I have always enjoyed Halloween. Carved some Jack-O-Lanterns for the first time in years. They are not elacorate, just some scary faces to shine some spooky light.

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