That's it! Just need something to look forward to!  

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11/4/2005 4:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

That's it! Just need something to look forward to!

*I* know what I'm missing!!!! THAT'S why I have so much trouble getting enough sleep!! I mean, I knew I've just been tending to push the limits a little, with how late I get to bed, yet still allow myself enough sleep. But what really is the root cause??

And I've thought that "Yeah, if only I had some cute girl who would be beckoning me to bed... things would be juuust fine." I'd be satisfied in one great way, then would be right there in bed, all primed to fall asleep fast and easy.

Not to mention that being single carries a slight amount of... anticipation with it... anticipation that would hopefully be comforted by having finally found someone to be with!

Anyway, one thing I USED to look forward to getting into bed for was reading... nice way to wind down and let your mind power down. But I haven't really done any pleasure book reading in years... and I DO sorta miss it.

The bedtime books I used to read were "Patrick F. McManus" -- he's an outdoor humor writer. If you haven't read him, you really need to -- his sense of humor is incredible -- it's really helped shape MY sense of humor -- and sometimes I catch myself realizing that other people wouldn't understand some of the humor from those books because they haven't read them. (Good thing there's still Seinfeld and Simpsons! More people can relate to those.) But P.F. McManus isn't just enjoyable for youths -- almost any age can enjoy the stories.

I should get back to reading those again! There's like 6-8 books, and I read those things maybe 6-10 times apiece, and they never get old -- so funny!!

So yep -- that's what I need -- something to LOOK FORWARD TO for getting into bed!

Not that I don't already have ONE thing to look forward to right now... but... somehow I just crave MORE.... I guess....

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