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2/28/2006 4:32 pm

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work work work

I work in a job that I love - I'm a writer you guys know. But sometimes - I am working so hard I wonder if it is worth it. I love it - the profession - but when I was at a small daily paper - it was a lot more fun. Life in a big city paper - it's a lot of long hours - and agonizing over errors (that you hopefully never have) and trying to please three bosses (my editors) and then wanting sometimes to chuck it all and take up a job doing something mindless. Lately I envy the guys building some high rise next to my office. Being outside - working with their hands - while I am stuck to a computer trying to get some CEO on the phone. My back hurting from sitting so long - my social life nil. I long for those days when I was in college - working at a day spa - smiles - which was a blast - as a receptionist and getting free spa treatments all the time. Anyway, I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel - in terms of my career - but sometimes I just want to chuck

Jeepidiot 42M

2/28/2006 5:46 pm

Well you are young enough that you can start over. It's much tougher the older you get though. Once you've been at a job for so long, you don't want to leave because you feel like it's the only thing you know how to do. And of course there's the 401K and retirement and profit sharing(depending on the company). You just don't want to wake up one day at 50 and wish you had done something different with your life.

The "mindless" jobs aren't all they might appear to be. I figure my job is kind of mindless. It's incredibly hectic and physical though. While I'm not exactly in love with it, I enjoy what I do and realize I'm lucky to have a job. There's not really much chance of advancement though other than moving inside and I don't want to be stuck inside working. I just dont think I can do the job I'm doing forever though. At one point my body won't be able to handle it.

You really just have to look inside yourself and find out why it is you might be feeling the way you are. Is it a feeling you've always had or perhaps something has caused those feelings. You just don't want to act on something because you had a bad day. I think working as a journalist is probably a much more respectable job than working at a spa although I can see how one would be more enjoyable than the other.

Ultimitely the decision is up to you. You don't appear to have any kids to worry about so starting would put hardships on anyone else. But you still have to look at the reasons for starting over. Weigh them out and decide what's the better choice for you.

Just do whatever you think will make you happy.

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2/28/2006 6:20 pm

I knew you were connected to writing somehow. You write so damn well!!! . Time to join rabbit writing classes...... watch out for my spellings.... Thank you LORD for making Gates design MS Word.

It always looks greener on the other side. But when you get to doing what you thought you would love then you find so many problems there that you start thinking that probably it was better to be where you were. Didn't they say life is complicated; by time you learn the rules to play this game.... you are too old to play the game.

I once heard someone say "Be careful of that light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a rail engine coming right on lol" Ok...just wanted to laugh and think I made you laugh .

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3/1/2006 5:12 am

That's what balance is all about. Too much in any one area of your life can get you burned out (OK maybe not good sex ). I average 70-80 hours a week with my job, it keeps me away from home for days at a time, but I enjoy what I do and more importantly have good relationships with those I work with. When I am home, beyond unpacking my suitcase into the laundry, work can bite me. Physical activities seem to be my outlet, the type where there is minimal thought, since my head is typically cluttered.

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3/2/2006 11:08 am

Ya... I loved working at that spa w/ you. We used to sneak back to the back and... Should I not write this here??

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