driving stick.....  

rm_rabbit8747 36F
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3/4/2006 6:57 am

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3/6/2006 3:05 pm

driving stick.....

SO.....had a late night rendez vous last night and my friend let me drive their car....stick BMW 300 series.....MAN....!!!!!

I had a stick all through college. My dad bought one for me and sent me off to school with one lesson. Amazing that clutch lasted,.....anyway when I got married I had a Jeep which was fun - and then my ex bought a Honda and decided he didn't like it and gave it to me. I liked it ok, cause it had XM and seat heaters, which was nice - but it's so uninteresting. ANYWAY....it's also obviously an automatic - which is what I've been driving for a year or so....and eeeeeeee .....something about driving a stick that is just TOO much FUN!!!

shygoodlkr115718 56M

3/4/2006 9:59 am

I had a neighbor friend who I commuted to work with for a while. Though she had an automatic, she liked driving the stick too...ME in the passenger seat. Yeah baby, 5th gear! Ahhh...memories of Jill.

Jeepidiot 42M

3/4/2006 1:38 pm

Some vehicles just have to be a manual imo. Trucks, Jeeps, sports cars. All need to be manuals. Leave the automatics to the grocery getters and old people boats.

The only time I get tired of driving a stick shift is in heavy traffic or a traffic jam. The constant just rolling in first gear is rough on the clutch and on your leg.

I taught myself to drive a stick. First real test was when some friends and I decided to go to Atlanta for the weekend. I got to drive through the heavy Atlanta traffic and pretty much constant shifting.

SlowPlayin 50M

3/4/2006 3:14 pm

It's getting to be that time of year again ... get the "fun" cars out and the motorcycle ... lake toys ... love it. Just the other day I moved the '67 Shelby out of the storage garage and moved it home to be more accessible ... was a little chilly to have the top down but ... damn, I LOVE 2nd gear.

By the way ... I'll bet you looked DAMN sexy in that BMW going through the gears.


rm_doug6535 55M

3/5/2006 12:07 pm

Winding through the gears on strip of pavement in my 20TH is a blast; have owned manuals since I’ve been licensed even a 3 speed Chevy Vega guess I need control and to hear that motor scream; lol dose a vibrator have only one speed I think not...

rm_wyrm28 38M

3/5/2006 12:54 pm

Rabbit, Hi! Sorry for not introducing myself before posting on your blog, but... I have to chime in with a resounding AMEN! on the driving today and yesterday. This weekend has been great! Finally a little sun.

Also, I'd like to suggest you try some of the nice farm roads between 575 and 75. I was up that way today, (looking for some land), and found myself ripping through the gears and curves. The foot hills start looking and feeling like mountains and one can get quite a road rally going up there. A word of warning though, more than once as I sunk into my seat going into a curve I thought to myself, 'Hmmm clip the edge and it's the ditch and a LOOOONNNNG walk back to anyplace that has a phone and a tow.'

aascrompn 42M
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3/5/2006 1:52 pm

I enjoy driving a stick, but not in this city! Talk about a leg workout!

Jeepidiot 42M

3/5/2006 1:53 pm

Yeah you've got the left leg all buffed up and the right leg is scrawny. Add the "Driver's Tan" in and talk about freakish. Or maybe that's just me.

elbman 41M  
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3/5/2006 2:06 pm

Last car was a stick, but in a truck manuals are my preference. I do miss zipping in and out of people in that car, and am debating a mid-life crisis (I'm not at midlife, but I don't care) purchase of a second vehicle as a toy......that's just asking for trouble....

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