Never Gore...a hot blogging story.  

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Never Gore...a hot blogging story.

It started on a dark night when I was coming home from work at about 10pm. I wanted desperately to get home to the computer and start my new blog, but I had traffic to contend with and the old sedan was low on fuel. I had to stop for gas before I could get home.

The station was empty except for the man working, it was self serve so I got out and began the task of filling up. If the gas rates don't hit you as scary, then perhaps the rest of my tale will.

It wasn't until I was near half way filled when I noticed one of the street lights behind me was burned out. No big deal I figured, I'd be gone in a moment. I turned my attention back to the pumps before I noticed the man working at the station had disappeared from behind the cash.

Great...I'd have to go on a treasure hunt to find the guy before I could get out of there.

When I was done, I replaced the nozzle and closed the gas tank up. When I looked for the worker again a weird feeling came over me...and not the one you get when you see a wino stumbling out of the bushes reeking of alcohol and wonder just how he got there. I mean the 'I'm in the middle of a grave yard and I heard a noise' type of weird.

Well I'm a 5'9 woman 30 years old and healthy enough to run home if I really wanted to, but I didn't feel like leaving my car or running out without paying. So I decided to head on into the shop to look for the worker.

Now here's the part in the story where I think I could easily leave it as your choice...a:continue in and pay or b:forget it and head home on foot! Only I don't have the alternative ending for b: and I wished there was a c: where someone comes in to the rescue so I stick with a: and continue inside.

I called out 'Hello' and listened. That's when I heard the glass crash from in the back room where I figured this worker went to.

I didn't even hear the car pulling into the station, didn't hear the men outside, didn't hear them even as they approached the door. I did hear one say 'Now' as the door opened and before I knew it someone had a hand around my mouth and another around my waist. My captor said to his partner 'Get the money, get the money! Don't fuck with us, we got guns!"

About now I'm figuring I'm not going to pay for my gas, and if I get a chance I'm running like the wind out of there. Insanely my brain is screaming "WHERE'S MY HERO?"

The one guy goes to the cash and takes the money, that's when the worker comes out and a second later the cash grabber raises a gun and pulls the trigger in more of an alarm than a business type of way. I could tell he didn't mean to really shoot the guy because he jumped in shock and his aim wasn't on. It was slow motion watching as the bullet went into this guy's sternum area and blood shooting forward spraying outward on anything close within the vicinity. The worker stumbled backward, and the guy robbing the cash nearly panicked.

My captor realized the situation had changed, and he raised his own weapon to finish off the worker because he knew the guy wasn't completely out of it and could hit an alarm or something.

A second later the bang next to me made me jump and I watched as this shooter's aim hit it's mark drilling a hole in the center of the worker's forehead. While I watched brain matter and more blood spurt out of him I nearly screamed. I think I wondered if this guy had taken a few minutes longer in the can at the back would he be alive today?

Didn't matter the guy at the cash looked at my captor who ordered, "Take the fucking money NOW!" He did just that, and I kind of wished he'd decided to stay frozen until the police came because when he moved my captor dragged me back to the door and the other guy grabbed the money and followed. It was slow motion to fast motion as I was dragged to their waiting car.

Instead of fighting back and looking for a means of escape, I was inanely wondering if they'd fill their own gas tanks too?

No such luck...they shoved me into the car...I was their hostage...and an eye witness to the shooting. I'd never get out of this alive...

I was in too much of a shock to do anything at first, so I just did as I was forced. Which was to get sandwiched into their car in the front seat. While my captor drove the cash grabber sat shotgun freaking out 'That wasn't supposed to happen!' The driver (my captor) argued, "Too fucking late, forget about it." So it went on, the cash grabber stunned by his actions and the captors. The captor driving while he ordered him to cool it.

The cash grabber looked like he was in his 20's short dark hair and a goatee...I learned his nickname was 'squirm'...because he was an antsy type of guy. The driver was cool and calm like a cold block of moving iceberg. He had dirty blonde hair and wicked green eyes like a cat ready to pounce on its prey. He looked older, and also wore a goatee. Both seemed like they didn't sit around drinking beer and eating while they smoked, drank and did drugs. They both looked like they climbed mountains for the excitement and dirtbiked down steep cliffs for fun.

It wasn't until the cash grabber 'squirm' motioned to me that I realized I was still in trouble, "What about her man? What about her? What are we gonna do man?" The captor didn't glance at me...he only replied, "We'll keep her."

'KEEP ME!' I thought! How could that be? Well the question was sort of stupid for me to ask because I was their captive and held no right to ask. Maybe I meant, why would they keep me? I was waiting for the and torture before death procedure, not expecting to be unharmed and captive until...when?

Cat eyes glanced at both of us after that moment of silence. Squirm was busy rubbing his goatee and trying to sit still, I didn't try to look around at them too much because cat eyes was watching me from the corner of his eye while I was doing the same.

Squirm muttered, "This is fucking fubar." Cat eyes glanced at him again, "Calm yourself down and shut the fuck up."

Squirm protested, "We gotta kill her, she's gonna rat us out, that's two people dead Vaughn."

So cat eyes had a name...and apparently a temper. He glared at Squirm, "Are you deaf? I said shut the fuck up or I'll make you the second dead guy tonight, do you hear me?"

Like magic he had his gun held in his right hand while he steered the car with the left. As his right hand stretched past me and straightened to aim at Squirm I continued to stare ahead at the road hoping he could shoot and drive carefully at the same time. You tend to think a lot of stupid thoughts when you're in a horrifying position.

From my left Squirm stopped moving and suddenly started to give in to Vaughn's demands.

Squirm sputtered, "Okay, okay...I shut up. Put that away before you kill someone."

Vaughn who was carefully driving as he aimed was still as cool as a cucumber, "I aim to kill you if you don't shut up. I'll keep this thing pointed at your fucking head until I'm sure that's what you're going to do."

Squirm did his best, and with the few minutes passing I wasn't sure if Vaughn would pull the trigger again or not. It wasn't until we stopped for a light that cat eyes took his attention off the road and noticed a car stopping in the lane next to us. Not wanting their attention on us, he lowered the gun. I sighed inwardly glad for the interruption, only to gasp again as Vaughn used the now lowered gun to prod Squirm in the leg, "You're not off the hook yet."

When the light changed, Vaughn took off and retrained the gun back onto Squirm's head. Luckily, Squirm finally shut up and stayed quiet. It made Vaughn let his guard back down, and return the gun to it's holster.

For a few minutes I could rest easy knowing more gore wouldn't be spread around me, but those few minutes were all. Because Vaughn stopped the car in a dark area in back of what appeared to be an old warehouse that stored old goods. There were empty crates and skids laying around all over the place. Squirm looked at Vaughn for instructions, obviously afraid to do something wrong that would wind up giving him a slug in the head.

Vaughn said to him, "Out, get the door."

Then he took me by the arm and pulled me out the drivers side continuing, "No funny business or you're dog meat."

He didn't need to caution me, if they didn't intend to hurt me, I wasn't giving them a reason. I followed along as he led me inside the warehouse and a voice called out, "You back?"

Squirm went toward the voice like a kid tattling to his mom, "Aw Amp you should've been there, we wasted the clerk, and Vaughn brought this girl back with us, she's seen us, she saw what we did. We gotta kill her too-."

Amp cut him off, "SHUT UP SQUIRM!"

Squirm stopped mid stride and speach and grabbed his middle, I thought Amp had stuck him with a knife. A second later I was proved wrong as he started puking up his guts against a pile of skids.

Amp was obviously disgusted, and he got up to join us as we had paused to watch Squirm. Grateful for the distraction of seeing me, Amp hurried over, and I could've sworn I saw a grin appear on Vaugn's face.

The look suddenly went cold as Amp stopped and eyed me up and down like I was a prize t-bone steak ready for eating.

Vaughn said coldly, "You need to take care of him."

Amp grinned lustfully at me replying, "I need to take care of her."

Vaughn's right hand slipped off my arm, and for a moment I thought he was giving me up. Amp's grin widened as he neared, but suddenly froze as Vaughn drew his gun on Amp. With the barrel inches from his face, Amp's grin faded and was replaced by anger his lust had been suddenly halted, then fear as Vaughn spoke.

"You need to take care of him...NOW."

I realized then, that Amp would have his way with me when he had his chance, and I wondered what would happen if Vaughn wasn't there. Obviously he'd take out his halt on his lust for me later. I could see it in his eyes, but he was smart, and turned back to check on Squirm.

Although it was dimly lit, I could now make out the table, Amp had been at. It contained empty food wrappers and bottles. Some of their personal items had been strewn about the storage area along with what appeared to be stolen goods still in their original boxes and packages.

Vaughn led me through the area, past the hurling Squirm, and Amp who had turned on a lantern to check him out. I realized then, the place had no electricity, and they used the lanterns only when they were sure that friends were about.

Vaughn led me into a back room and closed the door behind us. He then proceeded to light a lantern sitting on an old desk, and I could make out that it was an office. A file cabinet stood to the right and some old shelves filled with what appeared to be boxes of ammo.

When Vaughn looked at me sizing me up and down I figured the was next, or a good beating. Cat eyes scrutinized me like a slab of meat, and I figured he was no different than Amp. I even believed Squirm would be all over me if he had the guts.

Vaughn spoke quietly, "Squirm's right, you saw us, you saw what we did. We can't let you go, you're bound to tell someone."

"Never", I croaked.

It was all I could get out, and I tried to speak some more, but although my mouth could open, my voice was gone.

Vaughn continued, "Maybe, but I can't take that chance, we need to keep getting our money in, and we have to sell all this crap. That takes time, and we can't take the chance of having you out there, not until we're gone. So I'm keeping you, don't do anything that will cause us to hurt you and you'll be fine."

He moved to the filing cabinet and I wondered if he changed his mind and was going to kill me anyway. I watched as he pulled out a box and opened it. Inside was a needle which he picked up, and I watched in fear as he picked up a vial and loaded the needle.

He approached me calmly, his green cat eyes trying to find trust in me. I think he expected me to run, but I couldn't. Instead I watched as he drew up my sleeve and began looking for a vein for the needle. I wanted to ask what it was, what he was going to do with me? Luckily my voice didn't work because I'd forgotten he didn't like a lot of talking.

With the needles contents injected into my vein I closed my eyes in fear and wonder. There was no turning this back, what ever this was. I hoped it wasn't some drug I could get hooked on, I was almost sure the needle was clean because it came from the same drug store type box the vial came out of, but I couldn't be sure. Perhaps it was a morphine only kept to use if they'd gotten hurt during one of their heists.

A warm relaxing feeling started to come over me, and I felt Vaughn leading me somewhere. I followed along trying to keep the cotton out of my head long enough to keep me upright. Towards the last few steps of wherever Vaughn was leading me, he had to handle me more to get me safely laying on what felt like fluffy warm clouds. I remember hearing parts of his voice, "Relax-be back." Then I heard him leave, and I worried about the leering Amp. He could come in and find me there vulnerable. The worry slowly vanished as I drifted off...into the unknown.

I awoke feeling groggy, but distinctly remembering the smell of stale ciggarette smoke and a hot breath in my face. I was trying to open my eyes and recall all of what had happened, but all I remember were hands roughly pushing up under my top to my breasts.

The effects of whatever drug Vaughn had given me were now wearing off, but my body hadn't been able to wake up as quick as my head. I couldn't push the person off me, and my eye lids were too heavy to open. The breath came near my face again and the owner's voice nearly groaned in my ear as a tongue wet my cheek.

I wondered where my voice went as one of the hands reached my breast and groped it harshly while the other slid to the top of my pants. Whoever my new lustful partner was, he hadn't been with women that often. Either that or he only them for sex. The thought suddenly dawned on me that it had to be Amp, the leering partner of the men robbing the gas station. Now I didn't want my eyes to open to find out! I wanted to scream out to Vaughn to help, I was sure he wouldn't like what was going on one bit.

The hand reaching at my pants undid the button and the zip working furiously to get between my legs. I could feel his wet tongue reaching my ear now while his other hand worked at my breast. I tried working my hands up to push him off, but only felt like an infant struggling to learn how.

Amp was in his own world of lust turned on by his own actions, and he abandoned getting his other hand down my pants in order to get himself exposed to complete his task of me. At that point I could only emit a groan, not nearly loud enough to get anyone's attention and only turning on Amp who took it as a sign of pleasure to what he was doing.

If someone didn't stop him quick I wondered if I would be not only , but hurt. My breast was already sore from the pawing.

I could tell when he was exposed, he gave a groan of pleasure into my ear when he had his erect penis freed from his own pants and made another grab for my own pants while he dry humped my leg to keep his pleasure alive. He was nearly going wild with his hands grabbing at my breast roughly and shoving the other down into my panties harshly grabbing at my crotch. I was about to try screaming again when I heard another sound close by. A second later Amp was violently pulled from me and thrown to the ground near by.

With all my strength I managed to open my eyes, only to find Vaughn standing over Amp while he pummelled him on the ground next to me. Amp's blood poured freely from his smashed mouth and nose while Vaughn hammered away on him like a punching bag. The blood splattered everywhere even on me, and the gory scene horrified me. One of Amp's teeth flew out past me and I watched in horror as Vaughn started smashing Amp's head off the ground instead of punching him. He started to yell at him at that point, mostly about never doing that again.

Squirm suddenly appeared and tried to stop him, it wasn't until Vaughn was done before he stopped though. He gave Amp one last kick and told Squirm to take him out of the room.

When they left, Vaughn sat on the couch I had been laying on near my legs. His fists were covered with blood and some kind of gory matter from Amp. I stared at it in shock wondering what was next, still unable to really move and in a state of near undress I was too worried to be modest.

When Vaughn calmed down he glanced at me, "I'm sorry for that."

He started trying to get me covered back up, but I tried to choke a protest because of the state of his hands. When he didn't notice me trying to stop him I managed to choke out, "Gore."

Vaughn stopped and glanced at me, I could only move my eyes from his face to his hands in order to get him to understand. He realized what I was telling him and stopped then he nodded. Changing tactics, he used an old blanket to cover me and then stood.

He went to the door without another word and I watched helplessly as he left. At least Amp wouldn't be able to return and finish off me, but when was Vaughn comming back?

My hands finally started to manage to move enough to get me partially decent. I couldn't raise them enough to reach my top, but I did get my pants zipped and buttoned again. I was still trying to get my bra pulled back down when Vaughn came back, hands clean.

This time his entrance wasn't violent enough to make me forget to be modest about my exposure. Luckily Vaughn was still angry about Amp, that he didn't show any signs of noticing. Instead he appeared anxious, and he spoke as gently helped me back into my bra and straigten my top down.

"What Amp did was wrong, if we want to let you go free, we don't want you to be pissed off with us for you or hurting you. That's not the way I plan to keep you from talking about us. We steal, and we rob from stores, if he wants to go a girl he can go out and do that. I won't have him doing that to you, the last thing we want is some army brat big brother or dad to come seek us out for revenge. I hope you remember that, it wasn't supposed to happen. I won't let it happen again either."

I don't know why, but Vaughn straightened me to sit up, and took a seat next to me as he continued to talk.

"We just need to hold a few more heists and unload these goods and we'll have enough cash to get us out of here and sit tight for a while. I don't want the cops following us because you led them to us. I hope what Amp just did doesn't make you change your mind, you said 'Never'. I intend to get you to keep that promise."

Vaughn got up and then picked up a bag set on the table along with a drink. He returned to the couch next to me, and I could see why he had me sit up. It was food, and for me. He remained quiet while he offered it to me, and I was sure he was being kind and helpful because he figured I'd change my mind about telling on them. I couldn't talk enough to tell him I wouldn' fact I couldn't talk. I just ate, and drank, and when I was done I watched him to see what he would do. He simply got up and took all the remains away before he returned and sat next to me again.

"I wasn't sure what you'd do, that's why I gave you that needle. I'm not giving you another one, I'm going to give you a chance to earn my trust."

His green cat eyes focused on mine hard, they weren't cold, but they were serious. There was traces of all kinds of things in them, anger, concern, and other things I couldn't make out.

"Do you promise me here and now, you won't give me a reason to inject you again, or hurt you?"

I could only nod, I had no voice...if I did I didn't know it. I watched as Vaughn seemed to weigh my nod into his decision and finally he returned it with a nod of his own.

"Okay then, no more needles, and you stay in here. Rest for now, regain your strength again, and think things over. Remember what I told you. You know I mean business."

I nodded again, this time with more enthusiasm. I did know he meant business. Vaugn grinned for the first time that I could really tell. He watched me as he got up and left the room. For a moment I was too scared to fall asleep again, but a moment later I was slumped over fast asleep...

...Squirm was in the room when I woke up, and he saw me open my eyes and yelled, "She's up Vaughn."

I nearly covered my ears with my hands from the sudden loud shouting, but refrained. Squirm grinned at me now, and I wondered where his spineless side went to.

Squirm bragged, "You should see Amp, he's like something out of a horror flick. Never cross Vaughn, I told him not to bother you. Vaughn explained it to me. If we're nice to you, you won't think about crossing us up when we split."

Vaughn came into the room and looked at him, "Shut up Squirm."

Squirm fell silent as quick as he spoke and then looked at Vaughn who nodded with his head for him to leave the room. Squirm did, but failed to close the door prompting Vaughn to boot it shut with a slam.

If I jumped I didn't notice, I was too busy watching to see what Vaughn would do next. My captors were all unpredictable and now I was getting uneasy again.

I watched as Vaughn pulled up a chair in front of me and straddled it backwards to look at me as he said, "The deal is Amp wont be troubling you again for a long while. You have no need to run out of here if we give you half the chance. Squirm knows better, now we have some buyers coming here in an hour and I want to be sure you won't be causing any trouble to us."

I tried to talk, but the frog in my throat seemed to want to take up residence there. I could only nod, and Vaughn took this as a sign of acceptance. It was obvious he'd planned what he wanted to say, he simply scratched his goatee and continued.

"These buyers are coming for a major shipment we have stashed here, in fact they may want us to get some more. They also may know some people who are looking for other goods we have here. It's up to us if we want to stick around and get anything else they want. We could settle up and leave the city, or stick around a little longer and make up some extra cash. The deal is, if you're well behaved we'll stay around. Amp isn't going anywhere soon, and Squirm's too dumb to go out and do anything on his own. I'll be doing all the going and coming around here. Only if I'm sure you're not going to cross me. You'll be well looked after, so you don't have to worry about being left here to die. Are we clear on all this?"

I nodded again, and then looked behind Vaughn at the door. Someone had knocked, and I guessed it was Squirm. Vaughn looked too, and called, "What?"

Squirm's voice was muffled as he replied, "You're cell phone is ringing."

Vaughn sighed and got up, he left the room without a word, and I sat and waited. It seemed like for hours, only I think it was because I was waiting it seemed longer before he came back. He reclaimed his chair and studied me again for a long while. So long it was almost seemed as long as the wait for him to return.

Vaughn finally spoke quietly, "It's good you're a quiet one, don't scream either. Makes me believe you'll be as quiet as a church mouse when the buyers come in a few minutes. There's another deal I just got, and I won't elaborate now. I'll just say that things could ease up far better for you if you co-operate with me. I need you to prove your trustworthy and be quiet now for a little while. I wish I had something for you to keep you entertained like a book or something, but I don't. So just sit tight."

I only nodded, and Vaughn got up and left. I wondered just what he had in mind for me later on. I had plenty of time to think about it all, and when the long wait was over, and the buyer had come and gone with his goods I knew the waiting would be over.

Vaughn came into the room, "Time to stretch your legs...lets go."

I managed to get up on my feet and cross the room to Vaughn who waited at the door. He guided me out into the warehouse and I noticed a lot of the stock was gone now. Squirm was tending to Amp, but he got up and came over right away. They had set up another meal at the table, and gave me a seat with them.

While they ate with me, they discussed the goods and the buyer. They didn't get into any detail about the buyer or give much up about themselves due to uncertainty I would tell on them later on. Squirm did most of the talking and asked Vaughn questions about various things.

The meal went with a walk outside for some freedom. Squirm didn't mind the air, nor did he stop talking. I merely did as I was told and hadn't really spoken. It wasn't until the walk was over and we returned to the table inside that Vaughn finally turned on Squirm.

"You know she's been with us nearly 24 hours and she's only said two words Squirm...two fucking words. You could take a lesson from her."

Squirm looked at me, and then at Vaughn again before asking, "What two words?"

Vaughn replied with a smug grin, "Two words...NEVER...GORE! Just two Squirm. In our line of work two words is great, the less you tell people the better we are. Not only that, but it's less chatter in the ear."

Squirm seemed to be entertained by the idea of the two words and Vaughn's remarks. He laughed, and Vaughn shook his head before he looked at me.

"We don't even know your name...I've just nicknamed you Mouse. We haven't heard you tell us who you are yet. He laughs, I don't find that amusing."

While he watched me I tried to recall, just who I was. When I didn't answer right away Squirm said, "Maybe she's mute!"

Vaughn snorted, "Mute you idiot! I just told you she just spoke two words. She's not mute, nor is she deaf...and incase you're thinking it she's not blind either!"

I nearly smiled at the remark, but I looked at Squirm to hear what he would say. When he didn't speak I looked at Vaughn who was watching me.

"So who are you? Or should we just call you Mouse?"

I replied in a croaky voice, "Claire."

Vaughn grinned back at me, "Call me Vaughn...and take no offense if I call you Mouse too."

So it went, that they either called me Mouse or Claire, and they kept me comfortable while they tended to what they had to do. I had no idea how long they were going to keep me, but I was fed and looked after while I was held captive. It seemed to mean that I would be free when they were ready to leave town.

Amp didn't bother with anyone, mostly Squirm tended to his injuries, and I was informed through him that Vaughn had broken his jaw, several ribs and given him a major concussion. I was beginning to learn about Vaughn and Squirm through their actions, and although I barely spoke no more than ten words to them over the time I could tell what their personalities were like.

At first I thought that Vaughn was unpredictible and violent with a temper. I realized that unless you blatantly disrespected him you were left alone. Squirm caught the brunt end of his temper several times. So much to the point that I could recognize the trouble before it started...I never interfered with them though.

I knew something was coming down the pipe line when Vaughn came into the office and closed the door behind him. I'd been resting on the couch and sat up to looke at him when he entered. He didn't take the chair straddled backward like usual. He came and sat next to me, looking serious.

"There's a problem." He started solemnly, "I can't rely on Squirm for this job. You know what he's like, I need someone with some brains in their head that doesn't yap alot."

I looked at him wondering who he could possibly mean, and then realized it had to be me. Vaughn recognized my accurate thoughts and nodded.

"That's right, I need you to help me out. It's nothing against the law that you have to do. All you have to do is accompany me and keep watch."

I waited for the other shoe to drop...just what did he have in mind?

"Before I was planning on getting Squirm to get us in through the front door to stake out the place. We were going to pose as work men, but I figure he'll goof it up as soon as they start asking questions about our jobs. I had this idea, a better one, you come with me and pose as my girlfriend."

....girlfriend? What on earth? Was cat eyes serious? What did he mean by me posing as his girlfriend. The only thing I was grateful for was the fact that Amp wasn't in on the job.

"I can see you're surprised, I'll give you a few minutes to think about it. However remember I am allowing you a lot of freedom here on this job. I'm trusting you more than I trust anyone, and if you come with me and be a part of at least one of the jobs we're proves to me that when we let you go you won't rat us out."

So that was the other shoe, if I did something with them nearly incrinminating myself then I wouldn't be likely to tell on them later. He also was trying to see if I'd take off on them while's out there nearly free. Well, in order to prove my worthiness, and to keep from getting hurt I had to nod in agreement. Besides, there was nothing to say that I couldn't make an escape on my own if I got at least half the chance...but did I want to escape? I was guaranteed my freedom if I just did quietly what I was told. I had made friends with Vaughn and Squirm...did I want to stay?

I could only nod that I would accept the job, the fact that I could drive was a plus for the job, I was to go back out to the car before him and be the 'wheel woman'. It sounded like a crazy half baked plan, where we go into the store together posing as a couple. Then I was to distract one of the clerks asking questions about some electronic devices in the store. Vaughn would do the staking out of all the cameras and security for the store in the mean time. He also said there was a clerk at the store working as their inside man for some smaller heists. I was told that before their biggest sales were to be deposited they would make the robbery. That was on the Friday coming...I wasn't sure if they'd even get back from the robbery without getting caught, but Vaughn promised me that regardless of what happened when they went out I'd be able to leave if they weren't back in enough time. I still would have to tend to Amp...and he was getting better as the days past...better and plotting.

When we went Vaughn gave me the keys to the car and instructed me to drive around a bit to get a feel for the car. He wanted to keep the illusion that I was driving the car, and held the keys so that I could distract the one clerk outside. I was instructed to get him outside to the car under the ruse that I wanted to be sure a future purchase would fit the trunk. Before he actually saw the car though, I was to inquire about renting or borrowing a vehicle instead. It was incase the clerk put two and two together when they made the big heist that we were casing the store and give a discription of the car.

I also learned that they weren't using the car in the heist, and they would be wearing disguises. They were going to use a truck to haul some goods ready for them at the back entrance. I was still not sure how they were going to completely pull off the entire thing, but I assumed that there would be some violence. I was also wondering if the clerk on the inside would get a knife in the back too...simply because he would be under pressure after the job. Vaughn didn't look like he trusted the guy. Along my test drive he told me to check him out and see what I thought of another opinion on the clerk mattered?!

We also had to go through some cover stories for our 'relationship'. We'd spent some time together talking enough to know what the other thought about some things, but we didn't want to give away our true identities to the other people in the store. Working on it made me learn some more things about Vaughn. I'd already knew he didn't like people who yapped a lot, and didn't use their brains. I did learn that although he liked motorcycles, he preferred cars. His cover reason for having me drive besides to help pick out the electronic goods we were looking at, was that his bike was being repaired. Because he didn't look that much like a biker he wasn't supposed to be in a gang or anything. I also learned that Vaughn knew how to repair cars more so than the average guy. He'd worked in his dad's auto shop when he was a teenager. He also hated that Squirm kept the car I was driving in a pig sty, although it wasn't really his I knew that Vaughn liked things neat.

When the cover stories were all clear we parked in the parking lot not too close to the store that was to be robbed. All under Vaughn's instructions I parked in a place where he could check out the store for a minute or two. He want the car keys I offered to him, instead he gave me another warning about trying to take off.

After a run down of the plan again, we exited the car and sauntered over to the store. I suspected that Vaughn liked the idea of posing as his girlfriend because he could keep a hold of my hand. Although there were times I was sure that he enjoyed my companionship.

As soon as we entered the store Vaughn did an entire sweep of the layout, his eyes didn't miss a thing. When we paused near the entrance in front of a dvd display rack he leaned over to whisper in my ear...only he made it look more like a form of affection.

"There's two cameras facing this direction, one that covers part of the cash and the electronics on this half of the store. Then there's two more in the opposite manner on the other side. There's also some hidden cameras in various light fixtures that I can spot so far. Just keep from looking up at the higher displays and lights and there won't be any clear pictures of your face."

Well, that was easy enough for me to remember, but security wasn't my job, he said that would be what he'd look for. I was to look at who was stationed in what department and where they were all set out in the store. The clerk that he had on the inside had already drawn that up for them, but like I mentioned before I don't think he trusted him much to go by that.

Vaughn led me to the section his clerk friend would be working in, and he spotted him while his eyes continued to scan everything. I noticed the clerk by following Vaughn's motions, and noticed that he was busy with someone. Vaughn did the same thing as before to whisper into my ear again.

"He's busy with a customer, we'll wait for him. If another clerk comes along before that I'll handle him. Just act like you're shopping."

It wasn't like clothes or shoes, but electronic shopping wasn't so bad either. I was looking around at the displays trying to remember the lay out of them all. Vaughn looked around too, I didn't comprehend why he suddenly released my hand to put his arm around me until I noticed another shopper had moved next to me. I had been looking at a rack that held head phones about to ask Vaughn a question to pose as a customer that I hadn't noticed the shopper. Apparently he was interested in headphones too, and Vaughn ignored him and steered me around him further away. I didn't bother to look back at the customer as I let Vaughn lead me away. I figured there was something he didn't like about the situation and wanted to move.

When we stopped near a selection of stereo's Vaughn's clerk friend spotted us and hurried to finish his sale so he could come over. Vaughn noticed too, and glanced at the customer by the headphones again before he leaned down to whisper in my ear again.

"Keep with the plan, but watch the idiot at the head phones, I don't like the look of him."

I glanced at the guy at the head phones, he'd made his selection and was looking to pay and get outside. Either because of the nasty looks Vaughn was giving him, or because he really had to go.

Whatever the reason, Vaughn didn't move his arm from around me. I think it was then I figured out he was jealous, I thought he was nervous I was going to look for someone for help, but I was busy doing as I was told so I wouldn't get hurt.

When the clerk became free, Vaughn really stepped into the roll, introducing me and using our cover names. I wasn't sure how much the clerk knew about me, but I figured he believed our rolls and guessed that Squirm wasn't as reliable to use in casing the store as we were. The clerk made our rolls seem so real that other nearby customers and clerks believed it.

It was then my turn to look at the stereo's again and once Vaughn was busy in the boring talk about the equipment I was able to move free as planned. It was strange, and I thought I'd be able to just run right out of the store free. Only I knew that it was too risky. Instead I kept my roll up, and my job, attracting the attention of another clerk and distracting him. We got to discussing the business of if the stereo would fit in the trunk, and I knew I had to go back to Vaughn in my part and let him know the clerk and I were heading outside. Once I got out there would I keep going? I still wasn't sure, and felt very nervous.

When we approached Vaughn and the clerk to tell them we were going outside I noticed a gleam in his cat eyes. A strange feeling came over me, and a moment later he had one arm around me and a second later his mouth came down warmly onto mine. A thousand jolts of electricity coursed through my entire body and I thought I would nearly collapse. When he broke off the kiss he held me a second longer to ensure I could still stand on my feet.

He smiled sweetly as he he said, "Don't be too long."

I could only return a smile of my own, and barely heard his clerk friend joking about me running off with the other clerk as we departed. I was nearly all pulled together when we headed outside, and tried to remember my roll of showing the clerk the car.

I no longer had thoughts of trying to take off on Vaughn, I was still feeling the effects of that kiss to even contemplate the idea. I was too busy trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. Somehow I did everything as I should have, and before I knew it Vaughn had stepped outside and it was near over.

He'd replaced his arm around me as he said goodbye to the clerks from the store, and the next thing I knew I was being led back to the car again. It was a near blur after that kiss...I could barely keep myself from falling walking because my legs still felt like rubber.

Once we were back inside the car, Vaughn looked at me with approval, "You did beautiful, only I think we could've practiced the kiss a little bit more before we went in."

I could only nod in agreement, and Vaughn continued, "In fact, I know a place where I think we could practice it some more...if you think you're able to drive."

Practice more of that kissing? "Where" I asked.

Vaughn gave me the directions, and this time I think I was ready for what ever he planned to do to me next.

Vaughn used a rented furnished apartment to stay in when he wasn't at the abandoned warehouse. This was where he directed me to drive to, and I didn't hesitate to drive. Much to my surprise I knew the area that Vaughn's apartment was in, and it wasn't a bad area. I felt more than comfortable driving us to the apartment.

He led the way inside, this time keeping more of a caring hold on my hand rather than a captive one. He brought in his folder that held details of the planned heist so we could work on the layout of the store. I got the feeling he wanted to work on it first while it was fresh in our memory. Maybe he was giving me time to think about the offer of practicing the kiss...I didn't need time. I'd never felt that amount of fireworks kissing anyone before, and I was more than curious to know what else I would feel that was new.

It was hard to focus on trying to make the layout corrispond with what we saw, and I think Vaughn knew that too because his focus became lost and he simply took my arm and pulled me to my feet to lay another of those kisses on me. This one lasted much longer than the first, and hit me twice as hard. I don't recall how I managed to stay on my feet upright, I just remember it feeling as though he had put all of the energy coursing through him right into the kiss.

One of his arms supported me around my waist, which likely helped keep me upright. His other hand snaked its way under the back of my top pausing to undo the clasp of my bra. This came as a relief as the sudden swell in my breasts had caused some pressure on me. I think the same could be said for Vaughn's jeans because I could feel the sudden swell there too.

I don't think our kiss ever broke off while we removed articles of clothing, standing bare naked together in a sensual embrace with our lips locked tight I no longer had control of my emotions.

When he moved me backward onto the bed I eagerly awaited him clinging onto him pulling him with me. Vaughn followed me down onto the bed grinding his erect penis in between the hot space I presented for him. Vaughn continued grinding against me stimulating my clitoris, his hands gently worked around my breast before continuing down between us.

I let my own hand travel in the same direction, and while he rubbed me, I rubbed him. Trying to coax him into picking up his pace. When I heard him moan in delight I moved his rigid manhood in my hand closer while I shifted slightly to close the gap moaning, "Take me."

Vaughn didn't need to be told twice, nor did he hesitate to move himself into position before thrusting deep into me nearly dividing me in two.

I'd had sex before, and with a guy well endowed, but never been made love to with one. It was a most welcoming change to have Vaughn lusting over me while his large hard penis thrust into me.

I kept up with his moderate pace of thrusts, nearly ready to come. Noting the pleasure he was giving me, he accelerated the pace ramming harder and deeper with each push. I had been previously wet before from the kiss, but this turned me on more. There was no need for lubrication, we had plenty...I was nearly coming.

My cry of pleasurable delight was enough of a clue I was going to come, if not I'm sure my expression told the truth. Either way, Vaughn hurried his pace slamming into me, pumping furiously. I came a second later, and stayed in pace with Vaughn wanting him to have the pleasure of coming in me.

It was utter delight, having a climax with Vaughn still hard within me driving for his own climax. He had incredible strength holding himself from coming while he waited for my climax to end. He continued driving into me hard and fast and when the last waves of my climax ended my throbbing clitoris took on the sensual pleasure of Vaughn pushing into me.

I could climax several times in a row by hand stimulation, but never had I had double orgasims during sex. Yet there I was so turned on by Vaughn I felt another one about to explode from within me.

Vaugh seemed to have sensed this, he continued to keep a steady motion. Enjoying the entire movement trying to make it last, only with each deep thrust I could tell he would come soon.

Vaughn said quietly, "We'll come together now."

Vaughn picked up his pace ramming furiously into me as if his life depended on it. It forced me to hook my legs behind his waist in order to hang on, because I'd come before I was wet more than he needed. He continued pushing into me hard, and deep nearly dividing me in two again. I had to arch up to him because I was nearly coming, he quickened his pace.

On his last drive deep within me I came, I could feel him erupting, and a moment later he came deep inside of me. The explosion of sensations between us seemed to continue long after. Both of us throbbing against each other in our own climax. Both coming and riding the climax out together.

It was bliss, and I didn't care about the situation I'd been in before. I never wanted to leave the moment I had now. As far as I was concerned, Vaughn could keep me their prisoner for ever if he made love to me like that all the time. I don't know what he thought, and I didn't ask. I merely complimented him on his wonderful talent before settling in his arms to rest.

I was sure he would tell me what he wanted to do later...

It was the strangest thing, going from restricted freedom to near complete freedom. After that night of mind blowing sex mixed with passions of making love, and many more times like it, Vaughn still kept a close eye on me, but gave me more freedom. The one thing I liked about it the most (aside from the sex) was that instead of staying at the warehouse, Vaughn took me back to his place which was way better. We did eventually work on the lay out of the store they were planning to hit. I helped gather information for it with him, and we also discussed things with Squirm.

Amp was getting better though, and Vaughn constantly snapped at him because of the way Amp looked at me, or talked to me. It was more of a jealousy now than a worry I'd get upset and try and have Amp charged for attacking me. The good part about having to put up with Amp's leering and perverted muttering at me was that when Vaughn and I were alone each night, he more than made up for that in bed. Towards the nearing of the heist though, Vaughn's mood grew testier and Amp's actions were becoming irritating.

Irritating to the point that I wondered if Amp even knew that Vaughn and I were sleeping together each night. I think he figured I was going with him out of my own safety. We never really showed much signs of affection around Squirm or Amp. I think it was because neither of us cared to share our personal side to them, they'd only want to know more, and wonder what would happen after the heist and they were leaving the city. Vaughn and I had discussed that, he wanted me to come with him. The problem was, by now people were out looking for me, and they were likely suspects. I could leave forever, or let them go on ahead without me for a while before rejoining them later. We discussed that I may be able to lead the police off their trail for a while before joining them. Only we both figured the police would be watching me too. Neither of us could really decide, but the arrangements went ahead where they would leave the city after the heist.

So Vaughn was testy, and I was irritated by Amp, and trying to make this major decision in my life. When two nights before the heist I followed Vaughn into the office to discuss it some more. Amp had just finished leering and made a obscene remark, Vaughn had sent Squirm out for something to eat. Usually he told him to keep Amp company to shut him up, Squirm did a lot of talking to Amp which helped.

When I closed the door behind me, Vaughn sighed, "I have to do something with him. I don't want him with me anymore, and if you decide to come with us he can't be near you. He'll do something, and although I'll be there nothing good will come of it."

I didn't answer, mostly because I wanted him to make the decision. I had decided that finally, he was the brains of the outfit, he was still in charge. I watched Vaughn noting his cat eyes were in fury mode...Amp would get it if I didn't try and calm him.

Vaughn continued, insulting, "He's an idiot, I never cared for him, but he's good when he sets his mind to it. He's never had any way normal with women, grew up with bikers for parents. Squirm and I grew up in decent places, we learned the proper way to try and respect women...Amp...he just thinks they're toys for him to play with. A real piece of scum, he was bragging to Squirm this morning about how he first screwed a girl when he was 11 years old. Some biker's old lady who did everyone in the gang, he was caught smoking and that was his punishment. I've never had a perverted sack of shit like him working for me or around me for that matter. He has to go."

Now that I'd heard that, I had to agree, but I had a feeling the way Amp was going was 6 feet under...not far away gone. I didn't want to be the reason for that either, I still had to try and cool Vaughn out. A hard job, he was on the defense, his back currently to me as he paced about to rant.

I moved so that when he turned he would be facing me directly, and he stopped his cat eyes near blaring looking for the reason I had stopped him from pacing. I didn't speak as I went for his jeans undoing the top button noting Vaughn didn't stop me.

"I really don't feel like doing you over the desk right now, I need to think about what has to be done." he protested. He didn't move me away either though.

When I lowered his jeans I moved with them allowing my hands to caress his crotch. Vaughn either wore boxers or commando, I was fortunate for less to remove since that day he went the later. He still didn't try to stop me as I gave his well endowed penis a toying lick.

"Claire..." Vaughn's voice held protest, but he didn't finish his sentence. His hands did grab at my shoulders, but didn't push me away. They firmly held me in my spot, and I only moved my eyes to look up at him. His eyes still held fury, but I could see he was excited by my behavior. I'd given him a blow job before and he knew exactly what he was in for, I couldn't see him stopping me at this point.

When he thrust his hips forward I took him in my mouth, down into my throat, I could swallow him whole he was that big. I could tell he wanted me to work faster than the usual, his anger and sudden sexual desire needed a quick release. So I didn't keep him long, instead I worked his penis fast and furious, sucking hard. Vaughn worked in rythm with me pushing himself into my mouth keeping the pace he wanted until he groaned and I could feel him ready to come. I worked his hard man hood with all I had until he came and even after he squirted down my throat I still sucked him dry. Vaughn had completely relaxed and was in utter delight.

When I had his jeans done up again he pulled me to him muttering quietly, "I can't resist that hot mouth of yours, you're a she devil."

With Vaughn relaxed again we sat on the couch to think things through. I told him I wanted to go with him, and I wanted him to make me go with him. So we had decided that, but what to do with Amp was another question. Vaughn knew he would need him during the heist, and leaving the city as he was part of the plans. The problem was keeping him from trying to have his way with me. Vaughn's idea was to rip off Amp's privates to keep him from thinking or doing anything around me, but he saw the sense to the idea. Instead we decided to set Amp up, simple enough to keep him from trying anything with me. It was both our idea's and we weren't sure if it would work.

We had agreed that Amp had to see just how well Vaughn and I got along, we decided to let Squirm in on the plan. He would be a help to us, and he had to know about our relationship at this stage in the game.

Obviously the office had to be the main stage, then, Vaughn had to get in without Amp knowing he was there until later in the staged event. We decided I would put on a show supposedly private for Vaughn, and Squirm was to get Amp to the office window to look in. When we figured Amp had enough we would get down to business. We all figured that Amp would probably barge in on my show, not to realize it was for Vaughn.

When Squirm returned we ate a meal before we three went for a walk to tell Squirm about the plan. I think it aroused him, but I think he pretended not to be. I guessed he'd likely be peeking at the staged peep show, and get off on the finish. It really didn't matter, because he knew the score now on Vaughn and I, he wasn't going to do anything wrong.

We decided that the show would be that night, especially since Amp was getting on Vaughn's nerves. Basically, Vaughn went into the office unnoticed, that was because Squirm and I were distracting Amp. Then I started to purposely arrouse Amp's attention...not hard to do since he ogled me every chance he got. My job was to make out like I was horny, and had planned to go into the office for some privacy to play with myself until I came.

As I headed into the office I could practically sense Amp drooling up a storm behind me. When I closed the door Vaughn flashed a cat grin to match his cat eyes. At first I was a little skeptical playing with myself as though I were alone...but then I realized I could do the same thing only do it for Vaughn to watch which I liked way better. It was like your average porn flick I guess, you know where I take my clothes off and start playing with my breasts and dipping my hand between my legs while I got aroused. I could tell Vaughn enjoyed it, I tried not to watch him too much so that Amp would still think I was alone. I did give him as much eye contact as possible so he knew it was for him.

While I had myself presented out on the desk and played, I could hear some noise from outside the office. Obviously Amp was watching while Squirm stood guard...likely watching me too. I mean who could resist peeping a woman with her legs splayed open while she rubbed her clitoris. Not even Vaughn...he was supposed to hold out until I was about to come, only with all the eyes on me it was hard to focus and try to come. (The porn actresses make it look easy!)

Vaughn had his hands down his pants rubbing his erect manhood while he watched the show. Well that turned me on, and then there was some more noise outside.

Vaughn ignored it and moved over to ram into me not able to wait as long as he thought he could. The strangest thing happened next, we didn't notice that Amp couldn't wait either. He had opened the door when Vaughn penetrated me and we had gotten so heated up having sex we both didn't notice. Squirm told us...he said they stood for a moment in the doorway. (I bet Squirm in awe and envy) Squirm said Amp had his hand in his pants about to come in and do what Vaughn had done. When he saw Vaughn pumping furiously into me it killed the mood for Amp. He scoweled and then closed the door again. I don't know what they did after that, but I do know that Vaughn and I liked the idea of putting on the show that we had a wonderful time in the office. With Vaughn there I no longer worried about noises or who was watching and was able to come. So we ended up spending about 30 minutes in there rotating positions all over the desk having sex until we tired ourselves out.

When we emerged from the office Amp ignored us and Squirm gave us a thumbs up...we had won.

Vaughn and Squirm insisted I didn't go along on the heist, so I remained at the warehouse. Obviously they all trusted me to stay behind, even Amp who had recovered to join the heist. So I was left on my own there to decide what to do while I waited.

You couldn't imagine my surprise when nobody showed up after a full day! There wasn't a phone I could use and Vaughn took his cell phone with him. So I spent the night on the couch in the office and when I tossed and turned all night I finally got up in the morning and wandered around.

There was still no signs of anyone! I was getting hungry and debated what to do. There was money, I could go to the local store and get something while I waited, but I didn't want to waste a moment if they came back and needed to leave.

I also thought about what if I missed their return, and they had to leave without me. I decided to stay hungry for as long as possible before venturing outside. So more hours passed, and it was nearly noon.

I was excited when I finally heard a car approaching, but I didn't go running out to look. Instead I waited anxiously at the table where I had amused myself playing Solitare with a deck of cards.

The excitement quickly turned to surprise and shock when a full fledged SWAT team burst into the warehouse scaring the life out of me! With all their weapons aimed at me or sweeping the area I couldn't move. It was almost like being captive again, where you don't know what to do or say for fear of being shot.

I learned that Vaughn was arrested, and disappointed I headed home playing the captive victim role. I'm anxiously awaiting Vaughn's release...meanwhile I've been blogging to keep busy.

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Oh, my god, where did you download? My honey, reading can not satisfied your desire of sex, Come, my honey, I help you.

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i b where did you download? /i /b Didn't download...wrote it myself...same with the Army story.

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