Ybor City  

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12/6/2005 3:18 pm

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Ybor City

I travel a lot all over Florida with my business and like to go out and check out the local night life and see how it measures to what i am used to. this past week I spent time in Orlando and in Tampa. Downtown Orlando never ceases to please me. I have a golf buddy who I met at on of the best clubs there. It was the middle of the week and kinda slow because it was early and the happy hour crowd left so he sent me over to a nice little niche in the wall. I had a surprisingly great time. the bartenders were out of control, the ladies attractive and social. I felt a little over dressed but I cut loose and enjoyed myself.

The latter part of the week when i was anticipating going home to sleep in my own bed, a client call with a major emergency in Tampa. I headed over there to asses the situation and knew i was going to be in town for at least one night. sitting in the hotel doing paper work i realized, I have lived in florida for most of my life. Lived in bradenton and graduated from there, visited friends in the Tampa St. Pete area and never went to Ybor city. Not even on previous visits. so i proceeded to call for a ride, got dressed and hit this night life entertainment mecca to see what I had been missing out on.

After arriving I had to get a few nice cigars for the night, what better place if you know a little bit of the cities history. The strip ran for 23 blocks. I thought South Beach was saturated with choices. With only a few hours to cut loose I asked a parking attendant where the "spot" was. Bad idea, the place he sent me to was riddled the thug wanna be's and various other miscreants. the baertenders were cool but the crowd, the music and the vibe was not to my taste. I walked back up the strip to an apparent upscale club where me and a cute looking blonde exchange eye contact and smile and figured I would stand in line and check the place out. This place was hot and exactly what I was looking for. Had a few drinks, made a lot of new aquaintances and had a great time talking and dancing. And never once had to worry about looking over my shoulder. The best part that cute blonde took the initiative and came over to talk to me. I have another trip this week to Orlando I cant wait.....Of course I will take care of my clients first.

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