Does this make me bad?  

rm_quackhunt 49M
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5/15/2006 6:18 am

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7/20/2009 9:04 pm

Does this make me bad?

"I've started searching for 'something exta". Now how many times have you heard this line? Five, ten, can't count that high....but does looking for something your not getting at home make you a bad person?

I've though about this quite a bit lately and in my opinion it would depend upon a couple of things. First, is the person REALLY not getting any at home? To answer this question really takes you to the heart of the matter. By asking some very choice questions, you can come up with a true answer. What questions would you ask?

Second, judge the person on how he/she conducts themselves. Attitude and personality are the key here. The state of a person's mind both before, during and after sex will allow both of you to judge for yourself if it's worth doing or doing again. As for the attitude, it personal prefence. If you like someone on the hard, tell-it-like-it-is, or kind, gentle and caring then great for you!

Third, before anything can and would happen, make sure the ground rules are covered. Ground rules, you ask? Yes, ground rules. Like, "If we do have sex, are their any strings that might be attached, if so what kind? Protection: either condoms, pills, or other types of protection that needs to be use.

Whatelse, could you thing of?

rm_hotmamaNcols 39F
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5/15/2006 7:33 am

First, whether a person is really getting it at home or not, it makes no difference. Something extra, is something extra. Me personally, I never get myself involved in a situation where DRAMA can ensue. Second, whether a person is a gentleman or a lady makes no difference. A lay on the side is a lay on the side. Attitude (or lack of) is irrelevant. Sure it'll keep you coming back for more if they act properly but you don't love them and aren't trying to outside of sex. Third, the ground rules. The ground rules should be set BY YOU in the beginning, making it the first step. If an agreement isn't made, DON'T involve yourself. Sure treat them with respect, but never give the impression that it is more than what it is. BE UPFRONT with your intentions and the role you intend to play. I know, I'm a bitch. But too many people believe what they want, hear what they want and it's better to be so forward that you come across as a bitch than to deal with the SOAP OPERA later.

rm_quackhunt 49M
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5/15/2006 11:44 am

There's nothing wrong about being a 'bitch' if you speak your mind and it's what you honestly believe. Being up front from the beginning, is a great way to go about it. Thanks for keeping it real!

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