5 - fingers  

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12/27/2005 11:43 am

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5 - fingers

Do you want the story, well its not that exciting. It's the usual, wink, msn chat, swap of mobile numbers.

We eventually arrive at a meeting place (KFC carpark). I follow her home and she makes me a brew. She's got great eyes, but I'm not too sure she fancies me. Then we're kissing and very soon she is getting hot, I can feel her body temperature rising under my fingers. It's cold out, but I'm sure the windows have steamed up in the last 30 seconds. The she's running her lips down my body and then on to my.....aaaahhhhhhh...my willy seems to want to turn inside out.....thats great. Then she's coming back north and wanting me to shag her. I can hardly slip in, so I use a finger then two then three and she's wet, she's hot, my god she's coming already. Almost before the sighs are over she had grabbed me and I'm thrusting into her. My god she is hot, and very wet, she's moaning already, but then theres a noise from upstairs. Is it her young daughter? We stop, silent, like two naughty teenagers, but soon I'm thrusting like, well, like the proverbial piston and she's coming. Her face is red and her body is almost, um, glowing and her hips a pushing on to me, I cum too but still keep thrusting into her as she seems to go well into overdrive. If the windows were steamed up know, I swear theres condensation forming on the ceiling. And there's juice all over the settee, and my boxers which we were lying on. Quickly we dress, in case there's movement from upstairs. She says she came twice, and I never even went down on her !. A big ego booster for me, great! All done in slightly over an hour. This was a great session and I'm getting hard sat here thinking about it.

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