Bebe turns the tables  

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Bebe turns the tables

If you have been a follower of my previous postings, you will recognize Bebe as my partner and swinging companion. In some of the previous narratives, I described Bebe’s incredible talents in enhancing any interlude by stimulating one’s sense of eroticism. At swinging parties this was evident to everyone in the room when Bebe worked her charms.

Bebe was much more than my lover. To the small intimate group of swingers we partied with- Bebe was a leader, mentor and master of ceremonies. Parties were to Bebe what a philharmonic orchestra is to a conductor. With Bebe’s help, everyone learned to see the subtle nuances of sexuality that added immensely to their personal satisfaction with swinging and Bebe always knew when to interject humor as she orchestrated the evening. This was her element and she was so good at it.

Most couples that I have known in the lifestyle maintain a policy of bonding with each other at the end of each swinging party ‒ either before they left the party or immediately after they got home. It re-affirms their feelings and affection for one another and frankly, it seemed to be some of the best sex I ever had with Bebe. This was a particularly fulfilling practice for Bebe and me because her attention to enhancing everyone’s experience tended to limit our own carnal contact during the parties.

Bebe’s aggressive nature meant that I regularly got my brains fucked out after parties. I often wondered how I survived the things she did to me and what she could get me to do.

There was one utterly delicious afternoon however when she took an unassertive posture before we left the party and dropped little hints to clue me in on what her intentions and desires were as we drove back to my apartment.

As we walked into the door of the apartment, Bebe dropped the line that set the tone and sent chills down my spine. She turned to me and asked “Where do you want me?” She was actually going to take a totally passive position with me that day. I owed her a great debt for the eroticism she had lavished on me when she was somewhat dominant and I wanted to pay her back for the excitement of our relationship and the incredible contributions she made to the parties. All I had to do to accomplish this was let it all hang out and make this afternoon’s interlude last to a satisfactory conclusion in spite of any interruption.

Now I need to explain what I am talking about here so you will understand the significance of her question “Where do you want me?”

Bebe and I did not live together. I had a female room mate named Renny with whom I maintained a platonic relationship. Renny was very cute, sexy and possessed a very bold nature by reputation. When Bebe posed the question, we were not in the bedroom and by inference, she was asking “Do you want to hide in the bedroom or take me here where your room mate can walk in on us?” I was game for the challenge.

We were in the living room. I told Bebe to begin undressing where she stood and that she should be completely naked when I returned except for her panties. I went into my bedroom, disrobed and retrieved one of my starched white dress shirts for Bebe to wear unbuttoned while we fucked.

When I returned to the living room, Bebe stood there in nothing but her panties. As I approached, I noticed a dark circle on the crotch of her panties. I handed her the shirt and dropped to my knees to remove her panties. As I removed them, they literally streaked the inside of her thighs and calves with her own lubricating fluids. She was sopping wet in anticipation.

I told her that I wanted her right there in the living room ‒ bent over the back of the sofa. I entered her with long slow deliberate strokes- massaging her clitoris with one hand and her nipples with the other. We had been going for 5 or 6 minutes when we both heard a key entering and opening the lock on the front door.

All I had to do was continue to fuck her and act un-phased by my room mate’s arrival. I did just that as Renny entered the apartment. Renny was startled to see Bebe and me but then became cognoscente of our mutual disregard of her presence in our un-interrupted fucking. As I looked directly at Renny, she silently mouthed out “Do you want me to leave?” I shook my head no. Then Renny quietly asked us “Can I watch?” Bebe didn’t respond (I think she was cumming at that moment) but I nodded and said yes in response.

At this point, Bebe and I transitioned to the front of the sofa where I sat down and Bebe, facing me, sat down on my cock and began to slowly ride me. Renny had gone into her bedroom briefly then emerged in a silk robe that was open down the front, revealing her total nakedness. She carried with her a small bag that contained numerous vibrators and dildos. She made her way to a large easy chair across the room from the sofa, sat down and threw one leg over each arm with her ass perched at the front edge of the seat cushion. She then began to masturbate as she watched us fuck in a variety of positions.

This whole scene pushed Bebe over the edge repeatedly. When I finally came inside Bebe, she was exhausted. I think Renny was running a close second behind Bebe. We retreated to our respective rooms for some recovery sleep.

I woke about three hours later as Bebe got up to use the bathroom. We discussed the afternoon’s activity and Bebe commented on how erotic the afternoon was in her mind, how her orgasms wouldn’t stop and became increasingly intense. So intense were her last few orgasms, she wondered if she would live through many more. “Really?” I asked. “Now you know what you do to me every week and many of the people at the parties.” “I’m really good at it too, aren’t I?” she asked. “No one better” I replied as I snuggled up to her and we went back to sleep.

That afternoon never replayed itself and if you’re wondering if I ever fucked Renny, the answer is no. Did Renny and Bebe ever hook up- not that I know about, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

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11/25/2008 7:34 pm

Very Awesome story.
However, we have read the 2 previous stories, ( first swingers experience, and the Birthday one too ), and although we enjoyed them, alot, we did notice certain descriptions, and references, so much so in fact, that we have come to the following conclusion, and we are just dying to know..........


ps > bet you are just dying to know which ones too.

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