Be careful what you ask for - relax and enjoy it anyway  

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Be careful what you ask for - relax and enjoy it anyway

True Amateur Stories
This is an addition to a continuing narrative about past adventures in swinging. If you have read any of the previous postings, I have related a number of experiences with a particular partner named Bebe. This episode presents another of the many chapters in that relationship.

Over the course of our time together, Bebe introduced me to many of her friends, couples she had partied with in the past and a number of women that she shared private intimacies with on a regular basis.

Bebe’s lesbian encounters were very personal and not related to the swinging lifestyle in any way. Although we were socially active with her Sapphic friends, Bebe’s sexual intimacy with them was never displayed in front of me nor was it discussed. Occasionally, there would be an innuendo or some flirting but nothing more than that. Bebe had an implicit set of guidelines that you had to follow regarding all of her acquaintances. What she told you was all you needed to know; carnal opportunities could be accepted or rejected but you didn’t pry into her affairs without an invitation. This was not a bad rule as it protected me as much as anyone else from a careless lack of discretion.

Bebe did have one friend however, that intrigued me. Thoughts of seeing her and Bebe together became my number one fantasy and don’t you know Bebe noticed my interest in her relationship with this woman. Although we did many things with Dina (her friend’s name) I never made the mistake of bringing it up. The intensity of sex with Bebe after going to the theater or a concert with Dina was a clear indicator of the eroticism playing in my mind. Bebe was so good at getting into my head and exploiting such things ‒ usually to our mutual gratification.

One evening six or seven months after I first met Dina, we were going to dinner and possibly a movie afterwards. Bebe was openly flirtatious and physically demonstrative with Dina during dinner. Dina was responding and all thoughts of a movie afterwards were slipping from their agenda. The question gripping my mind and the erection stirring in my jeans was whether I would be a voyeur, participant or calling it a night.

When we returned to Dina’s house, the girls went off into the kitchen to make some coffee and I sat down in front of the TV. Bebe brought me a cup of coffee and started whispering in my ear about how turned on she was with Dina tonight. Then further expressed how wet Dina was when she fondled her in the kitchen. She was going to spend some time with Dina tonight, hoped I understood and could I come back around midnight to pick her up; assuring me that I would experience her fullest appreciation when we returned home.

I nodded, kissed her deeply, sat my coffee down and started to get up to leave. As I did, Dina stepped out of the kitchen and motioned to Bebe while putting her hand up, indicating to me to wait a moment.

The two women whispered to each other briefly, then Bebe turned to me with a smile and said “Dina would like you to stay and watch”. There were ‘conditions’ to this privilege that I had to agree to however:

• I had to sit where she told me to and not move from that spot

• I was to refrain from playing with myself

• I was to remain perfectly silent

I didn’t question a thing; the field of engagement was going to be the sofa there in the den. The two chairs that remained in the den would provide excellent viewing of the two, even if they were moved back against the wall. After I agreed, the two women went into Dina’s bedroom. They emerged a few moments later in the nude and walked past me into the kitchen.

When they returned from the kitchen, they were dragging a wooden chair from the dinette, which they took into the hallway leading to the bedroom. I thought they had decided the bedroom would be more comfortable but they stopped just outside the bedroom door and turned the chair so it faced down the hallway to the den. This is where I had to sit to accommodate Dina’s comfort in her first exhibitionist act.

As they walked out of the hallway, Bebe brought Dina towards me, stopping about 4 or 5 feet away. She briefly displayed Dina’s body to me with a grin best described as ‘shit-eating’ in her anticipation of ravishing Dina and being ravished in return. Dina was as erotic in appearance as I had fantasized. She was thin and willowy with small firm breasts. Her skin was flawless and appeared translucent over her breast, the veins beneath her skin clearly visible. Her legs, which were the primary catalyst to my fantasy, were perfectly proportioned to her body and emanated from a flat mons that was completely shaved. Her labia appeared small and delicate; her arousal obvious in the moisture smeared across her vulva from Bebe’s investigating fingers.

One of the most striking features possessed by Dina was her long thick chestnut hair with distinct henna highlights, accentuating her beautiful skin and complimenting the very rosy pink of her nipples and barely visible inner labia. Her other asset was her ample ass. It wasn’t wide, quite the opposite in fact. But, it was deep and stuck out like a shelf behind her. Whenever she wore pleated shorts, you could imagine what the cheeks of her bottom looked like. The legs of the shorts always maintained a discernable distance from the back of her thighs as they cascaded off those beautiful muscular cheeks. Awesome it was and I was going to be sitting down the hallway, now with a highly obstructed view!

I was directed to my chair as the women embraced each other and began to kiss. I couldn’t tell much about the technique employed by each woman but knowing Bebe, they were warm, deep, wet, intimate encounters of their tongues and lips. The erection I got with the brief display of Dina by Bebe became a confined, uncomfortable presence at the thought of the kisses.

Although I complied with the conditions of my privileged presence, I fidgeted a bit to accommodate the discomfort I experienced from the existing position of my swollen penis. This caught the attention of the two women and Bebe told me to be still. I voiced my discomfort and asked for a moment to adjust myself. This was followed by a murmured exchange between the women. Bebe then asked if I would like to move into the den and ‘make myself comfortable’ (meaning I could disrobe, take my cock in hand and masturbate). I didn’t say no.

I entered the den and was motioned to one of the chairs. I pulled on my waistband to verify that it was okay to get naked and Bebe nodded affirmatively. As my erection popped out of my jockey shorts, Dina blushed but did not look away ‒ Bebe just smiled that same shit-eating grin she exhibited before. I sat back in the chair and got comfortable, and then Bebe approached me saying, “by the way ‒ you have to wear a blindfold to sit here and masturbate”. The look of shock on my face was evident in Bebe’s facial expression back to me. Taking a quick evaluation of my position, I decided this was better than being down the hall with a painfully confined cock. Here I was more comfortable, I could play with myself and I could hear the physical reactions of the two women to each other. Besides, I couldn’t see anything graphic sitting in the hallway and my mind would fill in what I could see. I anxiously agreed to the condition.

The women devoured each other. Multiple orgasms were detected by me from both parties. I teased my cock during the entire event; preferring to save my orgasm for Bebe when we got home.

I heard more soft whisperings between the two women and heard one of them get up from the sofa. A moment later Bebe was at my side. Grabbing my cock, she informing me that Dina wanted to have sex with me and that she would like to watch us. This was a big step for Dina according to Bebe and she wanted me to keep the blindfold on. At this point I wasn’t surprised and said okay.

I heard Dina walk back into the den and ask Bebe if I was okay with things. Bebe assured her that I was and then told me to get out of the chair and onto my knees on the floor. She continued to stroke my cock as I got onto the floor, then stuck her tongue in my ear. This is a powerful erogenous area for me and I almost shuddered at her administrations to my cock and ear. She then whispered into my ear “you must trust me my love ‒ relax and you will enjoy this immensely. Dina is going to fuck you in the ass! This is her fantasy! I’ll be right here with you ‒ now bend over.”

This takes trust to a whole new level for most people and it did for me too. Bebe had never caused me harm and had never put me in a position I found un-pleasurable ‒ this however was difficult to rationalize.

I felt lubrication start to drip on my ass, then a finger was inserted. Bebe stuck her tongue into my ear again and told me to relax; I ascertained that the finger was hers. It took several minutes, but I eventually relaxed sufficiently to let Bebe get two or three fingers into my rectum. She maintained her attention to my cock and my ear. She constantly reassured me and urged me to relax. She removed her fingers and I immediately felt the presence of the strap-on Dina was wearing against my asshole.

Dina was very gentle and went very slowly in pushing past my sphincter. Bebe continued to kiss me, ream my ear with her tongue and whisper encouragement. Bebe also lubed by cock and started jacking me as if it was her own. The experience wasn’t incredibly painful, but it was uncomfortable and un-nerving. Bebe kept talking to me as Dina finished the initial penetration and began to fuck my ass.

I cannot say that this ass fucking was ever pleasurable. I was able to relax, with Bebe’s assistance, to the point that there wasn’t any significant pain from my sphincter and only an uncomfortable sense of pressure from my prostate as Dina plunged in and out.

However, the orgasm I experienced from Bebe’s wonderful masturbation of my cock was unlike any other. The combination of Dina massaging my prostrate by fucking my ass and the contractions of the orgasm produced an intensity I had never experienced before. It was a long slow crescendo. I thought I was ejaculating my testicles and having a stroke at the same time. Dina went absolutely nuts as she watched me convulse and Bebe enjoyed us both.

There was never a repeat of that evening with Dina, although I was graciously granted the opportunity to watch Dina and Bebe make love to each other on two subsequent occasions. I was allowed to be comfortable and in a good vantage point. They were beautiful and incredible with each other. I feel privileged and grateful for the opportunities.

The experience with Dina and Bebe did open sexual horizons for me and I have exploited anal toys as an enhancement to sex with partners and while masturbating. To each his own, but if you are open minded enough to try ‒ you will probably find some enhancement to your sexual pleasure.

I have only been fucked in the ass one other time since, again by a woman ‒ but that is another story.

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11/25/2008 8:55 pm

WE are looking forward to hearing more stories from you.Once again excellent story.

acbullrider 62M/53F

11/25/2008 9:01 pm

The look in my wife's eye after i read this story to her has me thing that i probably should sleep with my back against the wall.

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