Should we or Shouldn't we? That is the question.  

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7/4/2006 8:49 am

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7/5/2006 9:00 am

Should we or Shouldn't we? That is the question.

This must be a very discreet 3rd party relationship and it may only be a one time thing, we are not sure but, we also are not sure if this will harm our relationship and would like some others opinions.
Please give us some feed back, as we have never done this type thing before.
Thanks, Pussytoes

fun4sher 69F

7/4/2006 11:27 am

Hi guys, Don't know really where to srtart, but,....If you have a very good relationship and just want a little spice GO TO IT.
We have been married fo 38 years and over the length of the marriage I have had a number of small liasons with some of my husbands friends, until about a year ago.
My problem has been that for most of my life I felt that extra marital sex was not really right. Didn't matter how much my husband would reassure me that it was very natural for a woman to well as a man. About a year ago he entered a profile for me (without my knowlege) on AdultFriendFinder my reaction was all but polite.
After we got home from a vacation I was interested in what he was reading on his computer one day and to my surprise it was quite a few messages from men asking to meet me. with hubbys support I began meeting a few, some were duds and we did not go any further. A FEW were nivce decent polite men and I enjoyed their company which led to sex. my husband does not normally participate because we found that almost all men just cannot acceot the presence of the husband. so he deffered to my pleasure and just stays fairly close not necessarily in the same room, but close.
I have found that recently I AM (with a little learning and "training" by my husband) able to make the sex session MUCH MUCH better and the resulting reaction by the men have gotten tremendously more explosive.
Just a prelim to the accreditation of my response to your question.
If I were you, and knew what I do now, what I would do is look for a younger man (Plenty of younger guys like older women) and see if your male part can just watch at the beginning, enter after it starts, let YOU get rolling.
What you ae going to run into is AGE descrimination. You may not find ANYONE that will contact you. but if you do, be careful. we met a man that we thought became a friend and we willingly "loaned" him $2000, BIG MISTAKE. havn't seen him since.
Never give out money, Never go to some other web site to "see their profile and phone number" meet them some place other than your home, always be leary of good things.

rm_pussytoes 73M/76F

7/4/2006 12:21 pm

Thank you all for some of your comments. I guess I forgot to mention that we want this 3rd. party to be female. At this time we only plan on both of us doing oral, no penitration, at least right now.

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