Just Do It...  

rm_pussnballs4u 61M/54F
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8/11/2006 8:39 pm

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8/15/2006 5:20 pm

Just Do It...

Two men were hunting deer when a large bear rears up and begins to charge them.
The one man
puts his running shoes on and begins to run with the other man.
The second man spunky11961 asks why he put them on because it wont help him out run the bear.
He said "I don’t need to out run the bear, I just need to out run you."

rm_slippery243 56M
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8/11/2006 9:38 pm

If I were in your shoes I'd try to fight the mother fucking bear..

rm_Jezdatip 64F
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8/11/2006 10:29 pm

(Sigh)..HThe ultimate sacrifice of a hunting buddy to save his own butt..

rm_Jezdatip 64F
1335 posts
8/11/2006 10:30 pm

Sigh! The ultimate sacrifice a hunter had to make ...To save his own butt

goodatpoetry2 66M
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8/12/2006 12:38 am

What's funny, is that, that's true! LOL!

horny4770 60M
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8/12/2006 5:52 am

Must be that brave men 'run' in his family...


8/12/2006 1:12 pm

or smart ones anyway

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

SirMounts 102M

8/12/2006 1:17 pm

Well, it just goes to show it's not always important to come in first - as long as you can avoid being last.

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