WARNING FOR ALL WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

rm_purrfectpink 41F
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9/12/2005 12:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WARNING FOR ALL WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a heads up to those friends who haven't experienced it yet, and an explanation to those friends who have. Most of you have read the scare-mail about the guy whose kidneys were stolen while he was passed out. Well, read on, the kidney story was an urban legend, this one is not.
My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. It was just that quick. I went to sleep and woke up with someone else's thigh's. The worst part was, the new one's had the texture of cooked oatmeal. Who would have done such a cruel and heartless thing. I spent the entire summer looking for my own thigh's. Finally, hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans and Sheer Energy pantyhose.
Then, just when my guard was down, the thieves struck again. My butt was their next target. I know it was the same gang, because they took great pains to match my new rear end (although badly attached, it's at least three inches lower than my original)to the thigh's that they already left me with. Now my butt compliments my thigh's, dents and dimples and all.
It was only a year ago that I noticed my arms too had been switched. I was fixing my hair and I watched in complete horror as the flesh of my arm swung to and fro following the motion of my hair brush. This was when it got really scary for me, because I was finally realizing that they were replacing my beautiful body one section at a time. How cleverly-fiendish.
Age you say? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, age had nothing to do with it. Age is something to creep up unnoticed. NO, I was being attacked repeatedly and without warning. In despair, I wondered, What could they possibly do to me next?
Well, what they did do next, was make my poor neck disappear faster then the Thanksgiving turkey it now resembles. And that's why I decided to tell my story.
Woman of the world, wake up and smell the coffee. This is not a hoax. This is happening to women everywhere. WARN YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

P.S.I must tell you one last thing before I let you go. Last night I thought that they had struck again. I thought that they had stolen my breasts. I was lying in bed and I looked down and they were gone! I jumped out of bed screaming, but I was relieved to see that they had just been hiding in my armpits as I slept. To keep from scaring myself again tonight, I think I'll just keep them in my waistband.

hexonyxx 45M

10/2/2005 10:15 pm

Your blog rocks. Please write more.

Brevity is the soul of wit.


rm_purrfectpink 41F
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10/2/2005 10:53 pm

Thanks for the post. So many people don't leave comments, it makes you wonder if people enjoy your blogs. It's nice to get some feedback. FYI......I've got a couple ideas in making so keep watchin, and thanks again.
Purrfectly Yours

rm_notsoold65 51M

10/9/2005 4:50 pm

very funny ,good read bout peed my self laghin. nice to see humor back in town , by the I know these guys afew years ago they brought me a new sexyer body while I was sleepin ,and just when I was becoming commfortable with the old ugly one .....danm its been dificult to udjust , but i know i will over come even this atrocity ! thanx

rm_purrfectpink 41F
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1/1/2006 8:12 am

Oh no notsoold65...........sorry I almost made ya pee,glad to hear you enjoyed my funny.

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