Isn't it Ironic?  

rm_puisscent 48M
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4/11/2006 6:29 am
Isn't it Ironic?

Basically I am a nice guy. A horny nice guy admittedly. Why is it that when I meet a girl in which I am interested, I wine her, dine her and treat her right and then she seems to lose interest with me.

Where as, if I am just feeling horny and see an opportunity for a shag. I am not quite so attentive to the Lady, I am definitly rougher and more intent on pleasing myself than her. In fact, I don't really feel attached to her so have no problem with risking offence by taking her anally, or holding her head to ensure she takes my cum in her mouth. Basically I'm just using her. Yet they seem to always come back for more and end up convinced they are falling for me!

It's true, girls prefer bad boys.

What's a man to do? Next time I meet a nice girl that I want to treat right, am I going to have to treat her bad? Just so she hangs around.

Women are nuts, can't live with them, can't keep them chained up either!

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