How did I get here?  

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11/13/2005 6:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How did I get here?

Chemistry. I strongly beleive that chemistry is an essential ingredient in a relationship. I was married for 13 years before I strayed from my marriage. The woman that I started having a discreet relationship with I had known for over 10 years. I considered her a good friend and always enjoyed her company. Truth be told, she wasn't anything that I would have considered "my type",she was older than me by 10 years, she was taller than me,she didn't have the figure that I would normally be attracted to... but I was crazy about her. I couldn't get enough of her. It felt so good being around her. I loved the conversation, the laughs, the way she thought, her perspective on life, you name it I couldn't get enough of her. And although I would not have considered her "my type", she turned me on more than any woman I had ever met before. I had always surpressed these feelings for her for a number of reasons. Mainly the fact that we both were married, and that we were such good friends I was almost embarrassed that I had these kinds of feelings for her. I honestly never considered that she might feel the same way about me. We went out during the holidays with some mutual friends(no spouses) and that was the first time that I had an inkling that she was feeling something more for me. Not long after that day I gathered up the nerve to ask her to go out to eat, nothing fancy, just get a slice of pizza and hang out alone one on one together. That night was the first night I kissed her and it was amazing. I mean it was like the first time I ever kissed a woman, my lips fit her perfectly, naturally. Thats where our relationship started. From there on we started spending some intimate time together and after being married for 13 years and being 39 years old I finally realized what it was like to make LOVE to a woman. I am not talking about sex, I had been doing that since I lost my virginity. This is different, when you have that emotional connection with somebody, its not just sex, it's so much more, and there is nothing better. It's just as satisfying as everything else that you love about this person, it all fits together. Its chemistry, when everything works between 2 people, everything. We are not seeing each other intimately any longer(thats a story for another time), but are still the closest of friends. Unfortunately, there is no chemistry between my wife and I. With the best interests of my children in mind, it is not an option at the moment to end my marriage, it would cause to much pain. So here I am hoping to find a little chemistry again, someone that makes you feel incredibly good when spending time with them. Someone who feels the same way as I do.

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11/16/2005 6:43 pm

Life is too short not to change it ... living in a loveless existence deteriorates and poisons your whole world. Its always the time to enjoy living

dreamergirl7 62F

1/3/2006 5:06 pm

Your blog was amazing. I wish all men saw that making love is so much more enjoyable than just sex. Thanks for the blog.

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