The great outdoors  

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The great outdoors

These stories are shortened and toned down. If you want the expanded version you'll need to hit me up at my regular email. Hint hint. This one is real except for some place details omitted for security reasons.

Years ago my then girlfriend and I were very adventurous. We enjoyed screwing in the great outdoors and took every opportunity to do so.

One day I called her up and told her to put on sturdy shoes and her short skirt and I would pick her up at 8. She wanted to know what I planned but I told her it was a secret. She hated that but I knew curiosity would get the best of her.

I pulled up at her parents place she ran out dressed as I had asked but with a tight silky top. As we drove away she asked again where we were going and I told her wait and see.

We drove up into the mountains and it was dark by the time we reached our destination. She didn't recognize it in the dark and she hadn't been paying attention on the way up because of our playing. I took her by the hand and we started walking.

We were almost to the trail head that I wanted but she was driving me crazy rubbing her boob on my arm and I couldn't take it any longer. I grabbed her, pushed her against a rock formation and stuck my tongue down her throat. She moaned deeply and responded by grabbing my crotch. We masturbated each other for a bit then she pulled me out of my jeans I hiked her leg over my hip fumbled her panties aside and drove home.

We went at it fast and furious for a minute or two and both blew almost at the same time. We leaned there for a minute catching our breath and then I pulled myself back together and steered her up the trail.

You want me to walk? UPHILL? After that? shed asked kind of weakly.

I just chuckled told her it would be worth it and kept leading her onward. A few minute later we reached our destination. I showed her what I had brought her there to see. From where we were you could see the city below all lit up. She said it was nice and sighed contentedly as she leaned back into me to enjoy the view.

Her sigh turned into a moan as I cupped her breasts from behind. she pushed her hips back and ground into my crotch. we ended up on a nearby bench, doggy style enjoying the view as well as the screw. Which was my plan all along.

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