Why an experienced hung man can't get some  

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7/25/2006 11:28 am

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Why an experienced hung man can't get some

It is my personnal belief that a young handsome athletic intelligent and nicely hung man (like myself) has an extremely hard time finding women because of what I like to call the approach factor. The approach factor is this:
Imagine a beautiful woman starring wantingly at a hunk. The man notices the attention, and is happy that she is so hot. Now both people simply exchange glances of mutual interest, but neither has the where-with-all to bridge the gap. This would require the ability to start a conversation with a total stranger- a stranger that just had a conversation with you a moment ago (in body language) telling you that they want something quite sexual to happen, when they know in the back of their mind that they are either previously committed, or would never actually bring themselves to admit their desires, or are completely incapable of moving beyond momentary flirtation.
Honestly, it is hard for a guy to approach a woman without the fear of negative social stygma provided by a host of creepy advertisements offering easy ways for innocent people to be accused of heinous acts (pot-shot targets for jaded/damaged goods). The up-side is it keeps some people safe. Unfortunately, it also makes male social initiatory conversation a tenuous feat.
My lament is that women express little opportunity for guys to follow-up on initiated body language. There have been a few times when it has moved beyond the approach factor (to my delight) but that was due to mild intoxication (on her part- I don't drink) or due to a social situation where we were both introduced through more professional avenues. Opportunity has been left on the doorstep due to the inability to bridge the gap between staring and sharing.
In summary, the next time a hot guy returns your admiring glance invite him to talk to you, ask him to give you his number, say anything that will bridge the barriers that society has encouraged. Trust me, you will be rewarded for your effort.
Any women who would like to discuss this blog or 'ahem' other topics are encouraged to email me promiscuman

PlethoricRapture 38F

9/7/2010 11:04 pm

The same goes for beautiful women. I know personally as a woman, I get hit on so often that I have never felt the need to make that first move...but there are times when I have initiated conversation or just flashed my bright smile.

I find it hard to believe that you would struggle with the aforementioned. You are so outgoing, gentle, and easy to get a long with. You seem to be the type that draw the members of the opposite sex to you. Or maybe it's just because we hit if instantaneously? Maybe we were just the lucky few that found physical chemistry as well as mental chemistry from the get go? Don't ever doubt yourself because I know you are an amazing human being! <3 M.

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