The First Meeting  

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11/20/2005 1:17 pm

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The First Meeting

There I was listening to the rhetoric of one wanna-be medical drop-out who had just found her niche and spread her passion out across the desk.

I thought I had timed it perfectly until I returned to the car. Watch: 2:55 Car: 3:15 The latter proved to be true and I was fucked.

So I held my breath as I stymied along the coastal road from Fairhaven to downtown Bellingham. "She won't be there." my inner head rattled. "She probably didn't even show. They never do." "How will you know what she looks like."

You know. I knew. I had not doubt. If she was there - I would know. That little problem would not hold up to the intense curiosity that we share. The chemistry ignited the moment her voice came through my phone that late and fateful night.

STOP LIGHT. RED. STOP. DAMN. 3:24. Not a bad time getting across town. But I had to get around this guy. GREEN. Ok I'll just pull right here and then up the street. God what does she look like?

Crap! No parking. No. Wait a minute. There.

I noticed there were no cars - the sky had parted and there was a slot maneuver open for me to take. The only problem was it came in backwards to the opposite side of the street in a green loading zone. But I had to go for it. If she was not there - then I could jump back in and get to safety. Otherwise, I would be so happy it would not matter.

I pulled in - real zippy like, and jumped out.

Quickly, I slowed my pace as I approached. I did not want to seem desperate or in disarray. I really did not want to fumble this.

My mind shifted to a calm. I focused on the sound of your voice from the other night and the laughter of it. I could see her eyes and flowing hair. The gentleness of her presence. My car would be fine.

As I approached the door, I caught a glimpe of a dark haired woman. Her arm had just passed by a fraction of the window, as if taking a look for someone. An older couple sat in the window seats. He wore a yellow sweater. The woman smiled at me - clearly recognizing something special. I felt it too and it made my knees shiver. It was fast and subtle but unmistakable.

There she stood at the counter. I came in behind her and gave little acknowledgement - I couldn't. I could tell she did not know what to make of it - neither did I, actually. There was an instant energy between us as she turned and smiled at me.
I lost my breath and glanced at the woman in the window. She smiled real big as if she knew something.

She saw me.
I glanced around.
My heart pounded.
The old woman just smiled.

My new friend. Her eyes were amazing - I caught myself speechless and collapsing inside. My heart pounded. She broke the moment with an order of Sweet Vanilla. The words parted with sassy sarcasm from her lips. At least I thought I heard it there.

The couple in the window seats heard it, The coffeeman and his wife knew - so did the people in the back. What did they know - or what did they see?

That is how I knew. The couple, the people behind the bar and the others in seats towards the back. They all looked at me as if glad to see me - as if waiting for this moment. It was so strange and caught me off guard. And then, she is beautiful. She smells so sweet.

Damn. She is wearing a trap.

But how can I resist. She is everything I've dreamed of... How could this happen?

Thoughts crammed in seconds.

"Make that two Vanilla Sweets, please," I told the man. I ran outside and reparked the car. At a time of day where parking is scarce - I was able to pull from my illegal spot and whip it right around into an actual metered position.

Was this coincidence? Either way. I cannot believe how incredible this experience is. It is one of those moments in a lifetime that is full, spontaneous, and a potential catalyst - a crossroad of change.

I parked and dropped a quarter. Those eyes. She cast a damn spell on me - I swear. OK. Gotta go.

I re-entered to where you waited. You needed a smoke. I needed a drink. We were indeed a match. I looked around and noticed the strangers nod of approval.

I began to slow. Your back to me, I studied your shoulders, straight as I figured and tossed back slightly - a sign of confidence. Your jeans looked good on you, too, and held your hips beautifully. Definately a good fit with my own. Bodies are like that I thought - some just fit right - her and I would fit real nice for sure.

The dark curls of my imagination glistened as I wrote in my mind a quick script to a sitcom as it played out.

You turned toward me. You starting taking jabs at me - testing me. Your eyes had me swooning. I sort of heard you - but only barely. I was hypnotized.

Your nose, your cheeks, forehead. A peach, soft and sweet. Framing lips of pleasure. You smile. When you do, your eyes squint with the expression of your dimples.

Your energy is so amazing. You are so sexual. There is so much love in you. And happiness. A lightness of being. At least that is how I felt in that moment. In front of the strangers - I am naked with emotions. That is how I knew. I know this to be redundant - but it is only to emphasize the significance. Plus it is a fun twist to the tale, which though done by spontaneous demand - is easily captured as the impression of this amazing woman that has been burned deeply.

We took a walk, grabbed a smoke. Talked to people. Around the block we went. She was stoked with a new career in radio! I listened to her describe her amazing opportunity. I am intrigued by her - curious and must know more.

We rode the elevators. Visited people on the 4th and 12th floors. I kissed her in the steel box - it was spontaneous - she hesitated only slightly - but I could not help myself. It seemed natural. My feet felt heavy.

Time drifted into multiple conversations. I wanted to hold her hand while we walked. I held myself from rushing too fast. But she asked me questions and I could not hold it. I spoke from my heart. It felt so good and I knew I wanted to be better - even if for her friendship and hope to be with her someday - fully aware of the value of timing things right.

One thing - I was to take her to dinner to celebrate. I would do this - to spend more time. This is how I felt - this is what played out. I will give her this writing for her birthday one day.

This was the experience I had this afternoon and the thoughts that rushed unexpededly. She was so candid and clear about herself. I heard this in her. Her boundaries made me want her more. I could write this on and on forever.

I will stop now. I will take in a stick of time. I will think about her while I work. I have much more writing to do. I hope that she will not avoid me and run away. I've said too much - with great risk of many things. But it is the way of things sometimes. It is the path that weaves the day - like a vanishing point that begins to expand when you turn your steps in the right direction.

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