The First Kiss  

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11/20/2005 1:24 pm

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The First Kiss

The First Kiss

The night is stopped somewhere around midnight when the phone suddenly rings out in the quiet calm of darkness. Thoughts quickly rush in as to the possible caller at this hour. Heart beats flutter anticipation of something new. The softness of your voice reveals the image of what the day time had hoped for.

Plans are laid after careful articulation of identity and intent. The time would come soon and the next couple of days would meld into one constant stream of waiting, dreaming and anticipating...

As I round the corner of the tall towers of the next city away, cars are breaking light red, people are bustling about heading from here to there. We've never met but the essence of you drifts like a slow dance with the wafting smells of the coffee bar tucked in at the street level.

I find you there against the wall. It is after the noon rush and most of the people have left this small place for the two of us. Our eyes meet with instant understanding and rapidly our conversation from the other night passes between us without any words spoken. You stand with a sweeping smile and I approach with an embrace.

Our bodies fit nicely and each of our hands find their own path to acknowledge the presence of the two of us.

Only the slightest uncertainty brings me to let go to find my seat, to excercise restraint and respect for the circumstance. You are calm, certain and confident. I feel awkward, unusual and funny - like a circus elephant running into the people town to find another ladder.

I notice your hands, soft and articulate. Your shoulders are fine - straight and frame the smoothness of the skin of your neck that slips into your blouse. But your eyes hold me in place, gently drawing me into you, captivating - I can barely hear your voice as the lines of your lips trace my imagination with thoughts that fall to the floor. I decide to fumble an order with words to break the moment into momentum. You smile.

After a sip, our hands slip
locking intents of a rainy day
like showers from heaven
the gift of a quiet storm
there is assurance

Our eyes probe and dance around the skirt of a fleeting moment. The spoken words have not nearly the meaning of the language of our exchange. Sunlight breaks through the grey skyline, fanning out to catch the faint curls that cascade down your back.

There is nothing else.

All uncertainty is then washed from this place and I am infused, overwhelmed with passion for you - to taste a lifetime of waiting as it ends with this moment.

Time is lost as I stand. You sense the desire and meet me somewhere between the creamer and the stir sticks. I pull you close to me - instinctively. Your breasts press against me and the softness of your hair flows through my fingers. I can feel your hips and wonder the touch of your skin there.

Leaning into each other, our lips finally connect and I can feel the lines of passion fusing into each other. Our hands instinctively search and discover each other somewhere in the mid flight of life. The rest of the world, the towers, the rain, the tail lights, the people, the elephant and the ladder all fall away. There is only you and this kiss that lingers on the edge of fantasy and the possibilities of a lifetime.

...or something like that.

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11/21/2005 4:15 am

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