just got out of bed ... and im covered in oil  

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4/30/2005 5:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

just got out of bed ... and im covered in oil

Ha - here a story - well my blog !!
its early hours of the morning - i just got up i feel so drained - and she wakes up
"what do you want for coffee?? "
i can barely stand


im covered in oil which was from greece it was amazing - the best oil ever - i can still smell it in the sheets
i think when using oil its so important to get it all over her - first i poured some on her tummy - i thing using my fingers draw shapes with the oil on her like stars ***
she like me tickling her - as i worked all over her she became more intense - i could feel her heart racing -
then i began to massage her i licked her toes placing my assets inbetween exicted her as i moved it to her mouth she said - "its only fair i oil you" -- after being well oiled and a lot of oral and g-touching
came the sex - it was vaery slippy but once you get the hang of it - the oil just works wonders - you can move faster and "body slide positions "
so it is fu n !!

going back to bed !!

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