Towel time  

rm_primosolada 66M
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3/27/2006 6:54 pm
Towel time

A beach towel in the private garden of my backyard. On the grass, that is where the sun is shining, or on brick paving. I'll take the grass thanks. Mind out for ants.

The site slopes, I turned the towel around to leave my head away from the sun and my legs spread into it. I spread my arse open to the sky. I point my arsehole at the sun as I want it to be golden brown, rich and appealing, instead of cack brown, dark and distant. I stretched my cock along the towel towards the sun, making sure that the underside of my cock and balls and the whole swathe of my genitals from the sparkling, juicy tip to the furthest twitching sphincter muscle was exposed to the sweet kisses from the sky.

Then a spider leapt on me. Then an ant snapped at my scrotum. I thought that was enough for a while

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