My night out at Filthy's  

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3/29/2006 6:43 pm

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My night out at Filthy's

My travels this evening in search of a beer led me to Green Square in Kingston, the home of Filthy McFadden's, a faux Irish pub. The decor is a bit too breathlessly 19th century, and full of smokers, but I love the name; and they have a great array of beer.

They also have a pleasant alcove outdoors in Green Square, where I took my beer and found a table, next to a noisy and boisterous group of late teens and twenties, farewelling one of their number. Still hot at 10pm, I was delighted to be so close to so many lightly-dressed women, showing plenty of skin of their necks, shoulders, arms and chests. I fancy those tube tops, they display the entire upper body. Below decks, there was plenty of skin as well, with plenty of bare feet, ankles, calves, knees, and thighs. I don't mind shorts in this context, at least they display the legs. There was even a few very short and very desirable mini skirts, which perhaps didn't suit their wearers, as they kept leaping to their feet to stretch them. Why do women (mostly young women, that I've seen) do that? They wear a short skirt to show off their thighs, then constantly pull it down to hide them? Nooooooo nonono, ladies, the idea is to display as much as possible, for comfort, pleasure, and excitement. If you're not happy with that, please stick with jeans!

But notwithstanding the skin pleasures of this group, there wasn't much comfort, pleasure or excitement, as far as I could tell, not a single one of them was underbare, that is, free of underwear. And I looked very carefully. Here is part of my desire to leave Canberra: the most conservative dressers I've come across. I can go months, from summer to summer, without seeing a woman bra-free. Compare with my previous home in Darwin, where it was commonplace (not just in the large tourist community) to wear little more than a bra (bikini top), sarong wrap, or T-shirt. There's a lot of skin to look forward to in Queensland!

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