Home sweet homeless  

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4/3/2006 10:34 am

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Home sweet homeless

Done! I'm in Queensland. Working on job applications and interviews, for vacancies as far afield as Maryborough, Bundaberg, Rockhampton. Not Barcaldine though; I have nothing against the place, but the chances of finding any sort of partner there are within sight of zero. Anywhere I'm appreciated by the Right Woman, a Good Woman, or even a Nasty Bitch, will be fine with me; that could still be anywhere between about Coffs Harbour and Darwin.

For the moment I'm staying with friends in Brisbane, three adults who come and go quite a lot. I don't feel relaxed naked in these circumstances, with the continuous possibility of being sprung by unappreciative people (good friends but not nudists and not sympathetic), and there's been little sunshine since my arrival (a fair bit of rain though). As soon as I get a job, I can find my own place, and be more alone than just about any time in the last 25 years. But that's OK, as my reward is more skin time, possibly more than ever before! My record is five days completely and continuously naked (one Easter in the tropics), and one of my best unemployment fantasies is to surpass that, dramatically and regularly. Annoyingly, there are no legal, public, nude beaches in Queensland.

Lack of skin time is sad, but transitional. I'm researching places to live, but I'm not impressed so far; pokey little brick boxes and tatty little houses with not a plant (or a fence, or a garage) in sight except for the "lawn". I'm not interested in sharing, as outlined above; I must be the only nudist skin lover in Queensland. I may have to settle somewhere further away than I'd planned from wherever I find work, and/or pay more than I'd budgeted, for any quite ordinary dwelling with the private outdoor space that my skin craves. But all of that is one job away so far.

About the only times I'm bare are in the shower and in bed (unfortunately, and erroneously, bundling me with almost everyone else). My bed has cream sheets, and it's a rich contrast with my lightly sun-gilded body. My entire lean, glowing body (that is fading a little absent the sun). My face isn't that tanned as I usually wear a hat, ruddy rather than golden brown. My neck, shoulders, chest and back are of course the most tanned parts of my skin, my midriff has a few curious pale patches common to people working rather than relaxing outside, my feet and legs and hips and arse are uniformly tanned from the sun kissing me all over, even my cock is a fetching latte hue with chocolate inclusions, the minute remnants of my foreskin. Except for my scrotum, resolutely, relentlessly, red.

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