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3/28/2006 9:04 am

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Driveway protocol

I'm doing some outside work which requires me to go in and out the front door and along the driveway, many times over. The driveway is a loop across the block, with two entrances to the street. About half of it is private, hidden by plants and masonry garden beds. There's about 12 steps from the front door to the sheltered parts.

I would like to be naked in my work, but it's too annoying to don and doff shorts, swimmers, or knickers over and over, for my 12-step passage. I prefer "dirty skirties" anyway (a "dirty skirtie" is anything a wowser thinks is too short, too tight, too thin), to let the breezes flow and the sunshine in.

So I'm wearing a wraparound, a sarong from my days in Darwin, halved, turned exactly twice around my midsection and held with one knot to the side; it comes halfway down my thighs. Much the same as my profile photo (the same sarong actually).

Once I pass the 12 steps visible to the busy street and whinging neighbours, I slip the wrap up over my hips and arse cheeks, baring everything but a small section of midriff. It's nice to spread my legs and sit in the driveway near naked, with the hot brickwork burning the skin of my arse, and the ripe, intoxicating scents of sweaty genitals and stinky shitter wafting over me.

On my last trip to the driveway last night, after sunset but not quite dark, I leaned on the garden bed and wanked to the thrill of almost exposing myself; when I was hard I walked up the driveway anyway to the street, led by my swollen cock and protruding balls. A car came, so I scurried inside and continued working my pieces in the backyard until the mosquitoes found me.

My "dirty skirtie" is OK for this 12-step purpose. I don't like the sealed-off constriction of swimmers or undies. A towel is too bulky and fiddly (maybe the right tea-towel would do, being too short and too thin). Probably, real girlie skirts aren't up to driveway work. Any other suggestions?

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