Murphy's Law  

rm_prematurecum 51M
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3/29/2006 7:22 pm
Murphy's Law

Just got really bad news yesterday evening and had a crisis meeting almost till midnight. One of the god damned bloody party to a contract is pulling out of the project and is giving us administrative reasons for pulling out. What the heck, there is money to be made for all if we proceed but these people are such fuck faced idiots who are so greedy they over commit their resourced to other projects in other companies and are not interested in our project. Just like that and good bye 2 bloody days before we launch the project! Almost 2 years of preparation work is going down the tubes. Oh man, 1 week of sleepless nights is getting too much for us.

My directors are really pissed off and heart broken by this new event, in fact, everyone on the team is heart broken and sad. There is no morals or principles when dealing with groups like that. Short term gain is more important than long term but higher gain.

To top off the problems at work, past issues with my ex is popping up and I can't understand why things are happening to you when you least expect it. Basically the worse of murphy's law will get to you just for the fun of it. Its like life is enjoying screwing up every part of your life for the fun of it.

By Today we have to try and salvage the project by engaging another group but we have only today to close the deal...we're really screwed man.

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