Frustrated with life  

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3/11/2006 3:24 am

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Frustrated with life

I can't believe its almost a month since my last entry. I thought it was only just 2 weeks ago. The last month was really depressing and the sleepless nights is still going on. Non-stop travelling, drinking and negotiating with sharks and crocodiles. I hope this project really takes off or else 2 years of work down the drain and I'll be REALLY broke. Not only will I be a total failure in social life but also in my career too. Now I understand why so many young working Japanese are sorting to group suicides. It seem to be the only solution to end all problems.

Living in m'sia is getting damn expensive. With the increase in petrol prices, our petrol is almost on par with world market price but our salary is not even close to world standard. Our purchasing power is so low, even my s'porean frens are surprised that daily necessities AFTER CONVERSION from sing dollars is expensive for them. They rather buy in s'pore. They even ask me how do I survive here with my pay. I've read that porsche just launched its newest top range 911 turbo in Zurich at a price of approx RM560k AFTER CONVERSION. Bloody hell at that price you can only get the entry level boxter in m'sia!

Seem like I swear alot but I'm really frus with life here and I need to get it out of my system. In real life I don't swear much and I'm quite polite. So gal readers pls don't get the wrong impression...

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