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12/19/2005 9:36 am

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where are you

all i need is one little cunt to fuck-----with approximately 3,000,000,001 juicy little twats out there ---- 18,500,000 /2=9,000,000 hairy little fish buckets on this site alone .....why oh why sweet jesus am i having such a hard time???????!!!!!!!! ONE little sperm toilet--fat--ugly--retarded--disabled--i dont give a shit---where are you cuntomine??---here i am ----tall--handsome---educated--articulate--great sense of humor--accomplished--phd in education,astronomy,mathematics,communication,ordained minister,etc etc etc-AND I CANT GET LAID----i cant be the least desireable cock on the planet!!!!!!--can I????----i wonder if its my breath---could i have halitosis?????-B.O.??????--what the fuck is wrong here!!!!!!!!! --will one little fuckbuddy contact me????PLEASE --see my 5 videos here at hotmatch--will someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?????

womanoirish 54F

12/30/2005 6:43 am

I think your math is a little off - the ratio of men to women on this site is not 50/50. It's more like 95/5. This site is like a virtual strip club and how many women go to strip clubs?

Also, just a suggestion, but you might be having a problem because you continue to refer to women as "sperm toilets." I'm fairly certain that women object to that.

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