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rm_praxeology 75M
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4/17/2006 9:17 pm
answer to sexyfitwoman

q)----why do i say bad things if i am a nice guy----------a)because i am trying to wake people up--------people need to be kicked in the head today to even get their attention--------------plus people are asleep at the wheel----plus they are truly assholes-------people are NOT created equal-------most people on a scale of one to ten-------------------in the iq department are a three or four--------enuff gray matter so they do a job that has been broken down so a monkey could do it--------and all they have to do is follow the road to and from work--------they can fuck their wives cause they have a nose and they use it to find the stinkhole---they stick it in and go to sleep---they havent a clue what their kids are doing------------the great state their in keeps them regulated and all they have to do is eat and shit in a porcelein container provided by law------and when they stopp breathing their local health dept will see to it they are buried like the fancy piece of garbage they were------sorry sexyfitlady-----but there is your answer---dr chris-------the people on here are highly motivated to get laid because of their hormonal drive is out of whack---most can barely read--few as smart as you even know how to reply much less have a blog of their own or even have anything to say if they did!!!!

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