answer to 1sweetbitch her post "fuck buddy"  

rm_praxeology 75M
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4/17/2006 10:00 pm
answer to 1sweetbitch her post "fuck buddy"

first of all my dear no woman including you is ever as sweet as you think you are---reminds me of that soao ad"you arent as clean as you think you are"----------------------------------------------------------------ok------------------this question resulted in a sad but true survey result----------------------------------------------------------------the men on her and ladies too are not getting laid-------------not finding a "fuck buddy"---------------even the most popular woman in blog history--mzhunyhole----says she doesnt get laid--------------why not??????/SIMPLE-----no balls---------------i got 2 scores-----let me tell you how---I AM 64 and i dont give a shit anymore-----------------the meek will inherit nothing-------------you have to stop being afraid--------and become OLIVE TWIST--"can i have more sir???"-------------actually the men on here are begging "can I have any???---------------i love the saying WINNERS DO WHAT LOSERS WONT-----thats it-------FEINT HEART NEER WON FAIR LADY----thats shakespeare asshole----he knew in 1513 what YOU have yet to learn-------the squeaky wheel gets fucked-------women dont want men with good taste---they want men with BALLS----mae west said when asked what she wanted in a man---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------she said"i want my man to be a man"---get it doofus???go up to a woman and tellher what you want-----dont say shes pretty-----------she heres that all day---BORING---no one has said--"do you cum easy when youre eaten???"----------------------"do you like your nipples sucked or bitten??"--------this talk gets the job done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----attraction is not a choice---she will either call the cops or say yes i cum easy when you lick my clit--yes i like my nipples bitten----get your answer!!!!!she doesnt want a 5 month workup with flowers and groceries!!!!!!!!!if your the one you will get your rocks off--if your not you can spend all your money for nothin cuz you aint EVER gonna git nothin-------thats it----dr chris------i got invited down to florida for a month----free air --limo---wardrobe---ate out 3x a day---did sight seeing--- all freeeeeeeeee--ate her---got blown------god do i liketo get my cock sucked---first time at 64 years old!!!!!!!!not gonna be shy any more!!!!she went in to pee--i went in and stuck it in her face--said "suck on me!!!!she did---over and over------i said ""---swallow my cream baby--taste me--i shot my load until she gagged----i was king of the world-------you can be too asshole--or nmaybe not------dr chris

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