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----we are gods mistakes----god doesnt make anything but mistakes-----we have another flaw--we keep to ourselves thinking we are the only ones that are mentally peculiar or physically defective etc etc------the replication of human beings hasgone on now for millions of years--------the genetic "carbon paper" has worn out-----the mistakes and imperfections are rampant-----nature weeds out nutcases and QUASIMODOES like you thru natural selection as Darwin first prominently explained--but here in the usa -----every moron and parapalegic is saved at enormous cost and expense to the more capable taxpayer----dragging our american breeding stock to new depths of scum each and every day-JUST READ THE NEWSPAPERS FOR PROOF--america is the refuge of nutcases and human garbage--sad--THIS WILL BE CORRECTED THRU THE NEW SCIENCE OF HUMAN ENGINEERING----but not for you buttwipe--you dont have the money---proof further of your worthlessness----but get right out there and show off your idiocy and/or physical freakishness because you are in america the home of the freak-------dr chris bard schell phd ---psychologist to morons and freaks ---no charge you couldnt pay anyway

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4/10/2006 12:57 am

What rude and insulting dogma - it has that Howard Stern feel to it. I LOVE IT!

Lady Bambi

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