rm_praxeology 75M
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4/10/2006 6:24 am

human beings are just fancy animals ----we have the ability to gaze into a mirror and understand that the reflection we notice is actually us---you being fully retarded think that this is one of your major accomplishments and that you desrve to be on "do you want to be a millionaire or deal or no deal"---asshole----(put your dog in front of the same mirror----he doesnt see anything----all it means is that you are smarter than your dog---ok i will give you that-----and by the way that is as far as your particular mental accomplishments have and will take you in your pathetic wretched dull life-----------and may i add that is all you deserve-----you are food for more superior types like myself------you have know realization as to how far down on the evolutionary totem pole you are----------------but to address the blog i am responding to specifically---mzuknowwho---i will answere he in blog #766 as this blog is too long already----dr chris bard schell ---psychologist to the poor and feeble minded

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