My wife 15 guys and a dog.....part 2  

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My wife 15 guys and a dog.....part 2

Hi all,
I am back ith the 2nd part of the story, thanks for ur responses,I would again say if any gals wanna have some chat or wanna meet me then pl mail me, also mail in ur hot comments to me which will help me continue this story.

the show continued.....................

Then came in a lady in her late 30s she was gorgeous milky white body and no marks at all i thought to myself what a maal she would look without those pair of jeans and tight top, and my wish was satisfied she just came out of that pair to reveal her nice thighs they had flesh at the right places, looked so nice and soft, mm i
wanted to lick them and feel them so i went near the cat walk rt in front of my wife and came near her and licked her legs and slowly moved up, she was not wearing a panty and i licked her pussy and felt a ting of salty taste she was already wet,she moaned a little, i felt her musky fragrance and i was lost till someone shouted , let the show continue and i was suddenly awaken i came back to my chair and the show continued.

Then came a black gal, she was looking nice, u know gals with dark tan look more sexy than the fair ones,as she came in she had already dropped her attire and her jet black pussy hairs looked beautiful, she was muscular and her breasts were
really big , she looked really a buxom beauty, she also squatted on floor and showed her pussy, and then went down on all fours like a dog and showed her pussy from behind she looked awsome, all guys had their tool in their hand and they were massaging it.

Soon after around 15 contstants the show drew to a close, all the gals were nervous as to who would be crowned the queen.Soon the organiser with the papers came on the dice. He said that today its a surprising day there has been a tie and that to not two but 6 ladies have tied for todays queen title, then what should be done to
break this tie. All crowd started humming and one guy stood up and said let do one thing let all the
guys smell and taste the pussy of the 6 gals and, which ever gals pussy is liked by the majority that gal wins.All agreed to this proposition , ofcourse it was the way the dogs find out their partner and it seemed a nice new way to search for ur mating partner. So the names of the 6 gals were called and asked to stand in a line.To
my amazement priya's name was also called. She stood up and went in the queue, then after all 6 names were called, they were asked to strip out of thier clothes, my wife also removed her saree and peticoat blouse bra and panty, she looked very beautiful and sexy.

Then my wife being the first among them as asked to sit on a chair,then her legs were tied to the chair arms and her legs were wide open ,her pussy was wet and i knew that she loved when her pussy was licked and when so many guys will lick it she was wet and excited.

All guys were asked to stand in a line in front of the chair. All of them came in. To my curiosity some guys came in with spoons in their hand which they had picked up from the buffet table, i didint quite guess what was that for, The guys were asked to kneal down in front of the gal's pussy and then suck it for some time and then put his marks for that pussy on a piece of paper lying beside the chair, so the first
guy came in knealt before my wife's pussy and started licking it slowly , he did it for some 5 min and then wrote some number on the paper and went to the next gal. Then the next guy came and
started eating my wifes pussy, his mouth was envoloped by my wifes pussy lips as if he was french kissing priya's pussy, only his head and cheeks were visible from behind and rest of his mouth was covered with priya's pubic hairs, he was an amazing sucker and soon my wife was wanting more, she was moaning and grabbing his head.

The organiser pulled the guy and said only for 5 min max, and then moved him to next gal, and asked
the next guy to come in, he came in with a spoon, he insterted the spoon's head in priya's pussy and scooped out a nice amount of white juice from her pussy, as from the prev guys she was already wet she had lot of juice flowing, he slipped the spoon hungrily in his mouth and rolled his tounge inside, felt the taste and had a nice smile on his
face, he also gave in some nos and went on.Then it was my turn he said i cant taste my wife's pussy as i could give her more nos, all ppl laughed at this comment and i proceeded to next gal.

After some time i heard my wife priya moaning, i
saw that the organiser was the last guy in the line sucking her pussy and he had his mobile on her clitoris, i saw that his phone was in vibrate mode and so my wife was enjoying the vibration on her pussy and was cumming cupiously into organisers mouth. Soon this session was over and results were to be announced.

All waited with baithed breath and organiser came in with the result. He said that the queen of the day has been chosen and the gal with the sweetest pussy is Priya........... i couldnt believe my ears, my wife had the sweetest pussy in the group.

Well i was happy and proud and my wife was asked to come on stage, she was nude already and she stood on the stage and was looking nervous, the organiser said that the queen will be crowned and called for the crown, a guy came in with a tray
but no crown in it. All were looking with curiosity what was to happen, he said that the
queen will not be crowned but ringed. My wife was curious and frightened to see three small golden rings just like small tops that one wears on ears. She was asked to lie down onthe bench.

She saw me i said dont worry and do as said, she lied down, a doctor came in and applied a syringe on her two nipples and her clitoris. She didnt
feel any pain when it was done the doc was an experienced guy i guess. He then knealt on between my wife's legs and opened them up, then opened her pussy lips and piereced her clipris, a
little blood came in but it was ok nothing more, my wife didint feel a pain. He then put a small ring in her clit and similarly in her nipples. Then she stood up and looked amazing three rings
shining on her pussy and two nipples.She looked like a sex goddess.

Then she was given some thing to drink and made to sit for half hr,she felt some pain after 15 min in the areas pierced but then soon she was ok and fine. Then the organiser came in and took priya again to the dice, he said to the crowd priya is the queen today and in this honour she will be the center of attraction of the party.So no other gal will be fucked today, all guys will dedicate their cocks to the goddess. All 15 guys will gangbang her till this horny bitch is fully satisfied.

and then.......................................

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